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Interview: Model Marta Sara Blanka (Poland)

Can you tell us a little about you?

Artist with dreams that consistently implements. There is nothing impossible for me. Photomodel associated with branch of photography. Preparing photo sessions from the make-up and styling also create your own creations and accessories. In photography, the most attracted to continuous metamorphosis. This powerful medium give me the freedom to express myself and the opportunity to share with people what i love to do. In love with butterflies, which became the inspiration and passion in everyday life. Creates its own history and hopes that in a few years the road will be an inspiration and motivation for many people.

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

I would not change anything. I love my life. I am grateful for every day. What is important is that this is who I am led me to the point where I am now. I am healthy, I have a passion that gives me joy, I can learn new things every day. It's amazing.

How did you start modeling?

I started in 2006 with my friends. They wanted to learn how to take pictures and needed a model. Hard beginnings in gothic dresses, hippie shirts, no good makeup, no good light and no experience. For me it was just fun. But I liked it very much. So much so that I started to develop this. I started to ride the best photographers in Poland. I invested money, time and myself to build a good portfolio. That was the best decision in my life.

What do you think of the work as a model?

I treat it like a long, extraordinary adventure and a journey in search of myself. In photography, the most attracted to continuous metamorphosis. It's a very interesting feeling when you know you can be anyone at this one moment of taking a photo. It is so creative, it makes you think, it stimulates your imagination. Emotions and skillful work with them are very important. My memories help me. I have a very strong vision, I can easily recall them when I need to show specific emotions in a photograph. Really, I think everyone should at least once try it.

What is your beauty regimen?

I really care about my skin, hair and body. I use proven and dedicated cosmetics for my skin type. I drink herbs that strengthen my hair and nails. Together with my partner we have a very active lifestyle. Snowboard, ski, bicycles, gym. But most importantly, what we have in mind.

I like affirmations. I use them very often. If you talk well to yourself, you can appreciate yourself and inside you feel good then you emanate good energy and beauty outside. This is my real secret. :)

What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others?

I have a plan and I'm determined. Really. Not only I am talking, but most of all I do. I always fight for dreams. I do not let people tell me that I can not learn something. That's why I am a photomodel, make-up artist, designer, stylist and photographer. And I'm a happy, fulfilled woman. There is something else. We live in times when women do different things with their body and hair. They do it for men, for better work, for better life pfffff ... and I do not know why. Very rarely do it for themselves. I have natural hair color, natural face, breasts and butt. And I am proud of it.

What are your plans for the future?

I had a small break. Three months ago I came back with new photos. Now I'm planning a lot of sessions with new people. In addition, my experience helps other photomodels now. They are building their portfolio with my advice. They are young, beautiful and talented. I am glad that my knowledge is useful to them. My big dream is the opportunity to work with Valentino and Dita Von Teese. Maybe some day. ;)

What are some of your favorite experiences so far?

I’m in love with butterflies, which became the inspiration and passion in everyday life. They are delicacy and so elegance. I started to see them everywhere. My friends say I'm crazy about butterflies. But they admit also that since that day, they also see them more often. That’s why still nothing beats session with live butterflies, which I had the pleasure to attend because of Marcin Glabus and Poznań Palm House. It was a wonderful surprise and moving experience for me.

I played the bride with the devil horns, a psychiatric patient, various princesses, vampires, little girls, dead girls, hahaha... But I must admit that in each of these roles, I felt good. A matter of finding the appropriate emotions. This has a lot to do with acting. I have no problems adjusting to the photographer's vision. I try to be flexible. Although I admit that the session in an abandoned mental institution in Owińsk was one of those that touched me the most. Firstly, the history of this place. 1,100 patients who were murdered as part of T4 action. "The elimination of life unworthy of living"? Sigh... Tragedy... Secondly, I felt uncomfortable in these walls. Despite the relaxed atmosphere, which the photographer - Martin Glabus - tried to introduce I was tense. He chose me for this project, saying that I can handle it best. I do not believe in ghosts or the paranormal, but there is a strange energy... I was recalling all the worst moments of my life. As if some demons in my heart awoke. But they had worse. My empathy gave me a hard time. Imagination worked so much on me... I wanted these photos to be good. For them. In the honor of the murdered. I cannot explain this. I do not understand how couples can also do wedding sessions in such a place. I do not get it. Our session was appreciated by the foundation dedicated at present to this object. They said that we as only were able to show the true history of the place and put our the work on their website. With two pictures I had problems on the Facebook. They were reported for the violent content. Facebook finally didn't remove the photos, and this situation has strengthened me only in the belief that the pictures are good, they arouse controversy... Then one woman from California wrote to me that she is very sorry, that she loves my fanpage and what I do, but she must unlike me, because these images remind her the times when she was abused by her father. It left me speechless... For the first time since I started modeling I felt the true power of photography. And although the situation of this woman was not nice, I was proud that we were able to get these works into the most secret recesses of the human soul.

The third situation was the moment when I first really, really felt a woman in front of the lens. For the first time I felt that I could be sensual, mature and attractive on pictures. For myself... That I'm no longer a girl anymore. But a woman. Without complexity and fear. I wish every woman such a conscious moment. You see that modeling can act like therapy or support change. In your heart, mind and soul.

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling?

You have to be sure you want this. If yes, don’t be afraid. The world is waiting for you.

You are unique like you were born. Be consistent and great things will happen around you.

What do you think of the magazine?

I like that you give people the opportunity to tell the story. Story of their lives. We have so many talented people all over the world. Thanks to such places as your magazine does not have to write anymore for themselves, they do not have to hide in a room to which no one would hit. Trust me, you're doing a good job.




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