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RACINES Elie Valière (act 2)

Racines, féminité & chevelure… acte 2

For his latest art project, ROOTS (RACINES), Elie Valière drew his inspiration from goddessGaïa, able to create harmonious beauty as well as original chaos. Working color on a daily basis in his haidressing salon, for this second triptych, part of a concept of three series, Elie Valière choose three warm colors, Black, Ginger and Red to transport us in the inmost. Through this concept Elie wishes to share his vision of femininity. According to him, femininity is inseparable from hair. Elie's desir is to highlight woman's delicacy by visualy associated her with hair to reveal a real artistic nude. In Elie's mind, only hair sublimates the beauty of his models. A vision pefectly described by a quote from John Nollet : “ A woman can buy the most beautiful couture dresses, the finest jewellery or designers' shoes, when she goes to bed the only asset she keeps is her hair”. The purpose is to always go further in is personnal artistic universe, and illustrate the hairdressing under different concepts. Elie reveals this harmony between the woman and her hair by working naturally the hairdressing so he may therefore keep the essence of woman. Rearding the hairdressings, colors have been reworked to bring up a real depth.

Artistic and technical project

A sculpture, created by Caroline Bonnin, composed the basis of the creation on which Elie Valière and his team have place hundred of extensions, hours of work, of reflexion and technical tests to successfully achieve this technical feat.

More than ten days have been necessary to realize these three structures. Each one has been painted with a color close to the one of the extensions. Extensions were placed during the shootingitself.


In his first serie, Chrysalis, women were draped in white, like chrysalis. To highlight their hairs and subtly reveal their shapes, three powerful and minimalist visuals, one christic, the other inspired by Botticelli and the third one inspired by Klimt.

Credits Act 2 - racines Artistic director : Elie Valière Hairstylists : Laurence Bride, Julien et Jérôme Rey Make-up : Thora Hronn Photographer : Pascal Latil Sculpture : Caroline Bonnin Backstage video Act 1 - CHRYSALIS Artistic director : Elie Valière / Hairstylists : Laurence Bride et Julien Rey Make-up : Céline Regnard / Stylist : Caroline Bonnin / Photographer : Patrice Lemesle

Elie, free and passionate Artist at hear, in search of independence and freedom, Elie Valière created his first salon at age 24. Still passionate at 34, he keeps improving and training himself to constantly form his teams with new techniques. A necessary knowledge to remain on top in a constantly evolving job.

Fashion is ephemeral, one constantly has to adapt to meet the desirs of his clients. He appreciates anglo-saxon haircuts, and draws inspiration from Robert Lobeta and Patrick Ahmed. Creative and above all human in his salon, he listens to his employees and his clients, that he all calls by their first names. Indeed, he sees his salon as a place where people can meet in a pleasant atmosphere. He really appreciates his job because it allows a mix of creation and relationships. Well known now for his technical skill and the transformations he performs, with the help of his friend Julien Rey, many clientes come from province to benefit from the services proposed in the salon. Elie Valière has adapted his range of offers during the recent works in his salon, in order to meet all the wishes of his clients, from the fast clips to the tailored coloration, realized in a private and dedicated space.

Work in progress Act 3

Act 2. Roots (Racines) hardly finished, Elie Valière is already preparing the act 3, which will close this artistic project in three acts based on the revelation of the femininity through the hair. Before you could discover this very new serie of photographs, Elie would be pleased to welcome you in his salon, to make you enjoy a moment in his private space and share with you his vision of hairdressing. Call Elie for a beauty moment, haircut, brushing or coloration. A service proposed with pleasure and to simply share.

Contact Elie Valière 00 33 6 88 97 31 31

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