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Interview: Model, Singer & Songwriter Kéyoh about her new single "LOVE OR CURSE"

Why the title "love or curse"?

When we fall in love, we often don't know is it love or is it curse. Because of the circumstances we sometimes confuse love with obsession that turns in to hate or curse. You see what I mean ? With this song and music video I just want to spread more awareness... for young girls to be careful and not let any man control their life's or carries. It took me a moment and lots of courage to talk about this subject because I was ashamed about what happened to me in the past. But here I am, telling you my story and hoping that this can help more girls to be brave and strong to let go of what's not meant for them. Unfortunately there are still lots of aggressive people walking around free and abusing innocent people fictionally and mentally. I'm hoping that one day this will stop!

You sing about being on the cover. Did fame in a way disturb your love life ?

It hasn't been easy for me to combine my love life with my career in the past. It took me a long time and I have got my portion of hard lessons before I have found the man of my dreams. But love for my work was so much stronger than anything els. Let's say LOVE always wins in every cases.

You have been twice on the cover of Modellenland Magazine and many more, did we inspire you? Definitely! It was so amazing working with Modellenland magazine team. My new single starts with the sentence " I know you saw me on the cover of a magazine" and I'm laying on top of all the magazines I have been on including "modellenland magazine". When I was asked to be on the cover for the second time I was so overwhelmed.

What do you prefer, singing or posing?

I prefer to pose wile I'm singing ( laughing ). This is a question that many people still ask me. I'm passionate about everything I do. Including modeling and acting. But if I had to choose, singing and composing is what I love the most.

What's your next move? Can we expect more music from Keyoh ?

I'm full of surprises... I work with different clothing brands and I'm as always very involved with fashion. And of course you can always expect more music from me. My next step?? I honestly don't know. I may even surprise myself.

What would you say to your 18 year old self?

Don't stress about little things, what's meant to be will happen. -Your only true best friends are your siblings. -Don't text and drive and stop coloring your hair ( laughing ).

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