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Bio: Singer & Model Juliana Wais (Italy)

'Hi, My name is Juliana Wais,I am a model and a musician,I play a guitar and sing for pleasure.

Live for the moment,although sometimes it's quite hard with all the thoughts in my head,it's easy to get carried away to the future or to the past.

I started modeling when I was 21y.o,it was quite unexpected,I never planned it,just happened to have a look maybe) I see many opportunities in this industry,like exploring the world,meeting new interesting people and the job is always different,for me it's perfect,because I hate routine.

I love extreme sports like snowboarding,mountain biking,car racing.Hiking in the mountains gives me inspiration to live to the fullest,sing my songs and just enjoy life,cause it's so beautiful! Like The Eagles said in their Learn to Be Still song,"where do I fit it?" And I feel like I finally found the answer...I fit in here,where I am now.Don't think I can give any advices yet,but I know one thing..listen to your heart,it always knows better than your brain:)

Thank you Modellenland for this opportunity to share my thoughts with the world;) Rock it!'

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