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Editorial: WHY NOT (Hair Collection By Garance Delacour)

After all why not !

Garance Delacour, is a young French colourist, barely 22 years she is already a reference in France Graduated she is passionate of coloring since her 17 years.

At 21 years she decides to leave to work in Paris barely a year and she is already a national trainer for the 2c2c organization and for beauty cannes académie.

Garance very active on social networks is very quickly made a great notoriety, she is already one of the most prominent colorist and promising in France.

At just 22 years she released her first self-funded and independent collection, deeply personal, without any editorial compromise, Garance wanted a universe that corresponded to him, fashion & timeless.

WHY NOT! a universe Arti-aesthetic without labels.

Artistic Direction : Garance Delacour & Latil Pascal

Mannequin : Novaé Lita, Océane Less, Moh Dia, Morgane Jeyden

Hair Color : Garance Delacour

Hairstyle : Kevin Jacotot (B Agency, WELLA)

Make Up : Sebastien Poirier (TIGI)

Scenario : Caroline Bonnin (CANAL +)

Stylism : Véronique Suchet (Christophe Nicolas Biot, WELLA)

Photo : Latil Pascal

Retouch : Emilie Desmeules & Pascal Latil

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