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Editorial issue 18 February 2018 IS OUT

Read, free download or order print here


04 Cover Girl: Alina S. Koch 16 Jessika Dias PuntaCana 40 Folk&Roll By: Pascal Latil 52 HYBRID "color" By Pascal Latil 62 Roarie yum By: Javier Cuevas 72 Barbatre By: Aymeric Neau 80 Ramka movie By: Korzeniewski J. 90 Villa Giovanelli By: Fausto Furger 98 You lost me By: Marcin Sokołowski 102 LirykaStudio 114 Royal Gold By: Bibett Haarman 126 Rastro By: Patrycja Szumowska 134 Hanging lose By: Shades of Beauty 146 Martina Tosi By Michele Cusano 166 Shayda Valderrama By: Gemma R. 180 Metropolis By: Sam Geals 186 Morning beauty By: fotograf-gadam 196 Carole L. By: Clovis Durand 202 Space By: Patrick Arthur 208 ‘WHY? BECAUSE!’ By: Paolo Prisco 230 A different World By: Paolo Fossati

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