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Interview: Winner of the Month Kamila Brzezińska, Rosebud (Poland)

Can you tell us a little about you? Hi, my name is Kamila. I was born and bred in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. I studied English philology and speech therapy. I work as a teacher. My main interest, apart from photography :), is sport. I’ve been training pole dance for about three years. I also really enjoy stretching. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? I guess, I wouldn’t change anything. My imperfections make me unique. I’m petite and pale, but these features distinguish me form other models. Well, maybe I could be a bit taller...:). How did you start modelling? Oh, it was a sheer coincidence :). I didn’t plan it. Some time ago I found myself in a difficult moment in my life and I needed some consolation, so I treated myself to a photo shoot. Its effects exceeded my expectations. For me, the pictures were perfect. A few months later I had another session with a friend of mine, and again I loved the photos. After that my friends encouraged me to set up a profile on, a website for photographers, models, makeup artists and stylists. I did it last year, in April, and this is how my adventure with modelling began. Since that time I had many photo shoots, I met a lot of fantastic people and I discovered the pleasure of posing :). What do you think of the work as a model? Working as a model is very demanding and challenging. The best thing about it is that, it’s like acting. Whenever I’m in front of the camera, I play a different role. I have an opportunity to become someone else. Later, when I look at my photos, I’m often surprised and I say “Is it really me? I didn’t know I look like this” :). It’s a wonderful feeling. However, it’s not always easy. During each photo shoot I have to be careful, pay attention to every little detail, repeat the same poses, stay still for some time. After each session, I’m really tired. But when I see the results, I’m sure it was worth it. Today I can honestly say that this occupation brings me plenty of joy and satisfaction :). What is your beauty regimen? I guess, I don’t have one. I try to sleep as much as I can. I eat what I like, although I know, I should pack away less sweets :). I exercise quite a lot, because it relaxes me. I use good quality cosmetics, and that’s about it. What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others? I’m easy-going, friendly, hard-working, and open to new experiences, I like challenges. I’m also friendly and a bit naive, probably that’s why I truly appreciate a pleasant atmosphere during photo shoots. I sometimes talk too much and I tend to laugh in stressful situations :). What are your plans for the future? I never plan. Plans often change or fail, so I stopped planning some time ago. I take what life brings me. What are some of your favourite experiences so far? This is the most difficult question, since I have so many memorable experiences, like having a milk bath, wearing an unusual pink makeup, filming in a beautiful mansion, shooting in the rain, on the roof...and so many more. Most of all, the best thing about modelling is meeting wonderful people and making real friends. Do you have any advice for those who want to start modelling? Be open-minded, brave and patient. Don’t have big expectations at the beginning, be humble, listen to photographers, but also tell them about your own ideas. You should be picky too, choose the best photographers you can. And remember, you need good photos, not a lot of mediocre pictures. And one more thing, always thank for all good things that you get :) What do you think of the magazine? For me it’s always been an inspiration. Thanks to the magazine I observed how other models pose and I could learn from them at the same time. It’s also great that models, photographers, and makeup artists can not only share their experiences, but they can also say something about themselves. I’ve wanted to be featured here since I started modelling, and now my dream came true :). Thank you.

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