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Bijgewerkt op: 29 sep. 2020

In the fall of 2017, Cathy BATIT will travel to New York and Canada. it is there that she finds her inspirations for her new collection. She marvels at the immensity of the green and blue lakes, the endless forests of autumn colors, encircled by high gray mountains that oppose the skyscrapers and crowded streets of New York. Gradually, this contrast ends up posing the guidelines of his collection: a mix of colors and styles whose rules would be "DIVERGENT"

It was in 1991 that Cathy BATIT began her career in hairdressing. In 2000, she ran her first salon alongside her husband, in the Saint-Etienne region. Strong of a solid formation received by the biggest cutters : Maurice Melone, Llongueras, Vidal Sassoon, to name only them, she creates her first Hair Show in 2003, in a nightclub. She begins to create her own collections. In 2007 and 2008, she works in collaboration with Your Art Academy and presents her creations on the podiums "Beauty Selection" in Lyon, then at CBM in Aix en Provence. In 2009, Thierry Tixier recruited for Eugene Perma. She is on the cusp of a beautiful artistic story: she attends Félicitas' training, becomes ambassador Eugene Perma and starts a career as a trainer in France and Spain. The desire to go even higher, always further opens soon the doors of the Arte Moda community. She works alongside Marco Geraci, and becomes an ambassador of this community in 2016. Since then, she can be seen on the stages of the biggest Hair Show and Work Show. Increasingly in demand, she also lent her talents to the booths of Fashion Weeks. More than a trade, the hairstyle is her art, her essence ... Also, the transmission of her know-how is for her a vital element. Finally, she likes to make each trip a new exaltation, which sketches and exacerbates its inspirations. For collections ever more daring, singular, "Divergent". Like the one she invites you to discover ...

Hair Stylist Cathy Batit Photo & Retouch Latil Pascal Make up Adeline Raffin Assistant Claudine Lacroix & Alexandre Batit Model Moh Dia et Shelly Cohen Stylism Cathy Batit & Avi

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