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Bio: Model Paola Giraldo (Colombia)

Her beauty is obvious: blond hair, a lush face and a toned body, make her look like a Barbie, as her companions in the studio said to her, when she participated in the most recent season of reality TV stars, in which she excelled for showing the talent and beauty paisa with which she managed to captivate the Colombian public. With 25 years of age, Paola is in the seventh semester of social communication and journalism in Medellín and although she has been a model for a short time, she tells that her results have been extraordinary in this period of time, doing works for different brands of girdles, underwear, suits bathroom and different music videos. Paola tells us "I started modeling while I was studying, I went to protocol and I enrolled in protagonists, fortunately I passed and when I left reality people knew me much more, this made it easier for me to get more jobs as a model and to grow in this career, but my great goal is to graduate as a social communicator - journalist and presenter "expressed with optimism Paola Giraldo She is not a lover of the gym, she tries to attend periodically, although he emphasizes that she always tries to take care of himself in food, avoids sweets, fried foods and, in general, junk food. Finally, she thanks his family - her greatest pride- for giving him the necessary bases to be able to shine everywhere she goes and be her strength to fight for her dreams After having the good fortune of speaking with this young woman, she leaves a clear message for all the women who visit their social networks and they value it: "always fight for what really fascinates you, see you soon". Photos: Mateo Marin / LMC Models Instagram: @ paolagiraldo0422

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