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Editorial issue 23 Is OUT

Read, download free, or order print HERE


04 Cover By: gwh Fotografie 06 JUST RED By Pascal LATIL 20 VALKYRIA By Pascal LATIL 28 Erika Aurora By: ANZHELIKA K 42 ROAR By: Cansin Soyer 56 Miss Nancy By: Steve Flack 62 Paris By: Joss Peix 74 Sophie By: Shades of Beauty 84 BOHO By: Adrianna Sołtys 90 Giada Forte By: Gemma R 100 FLIRT By: Melbas 106 THE LOFT By: Melbas 112 Glitter By: Tomasz Ciesielski 128 Nude & Glamour By: Tomasz C. 138 Italian beauty By: Alex Aldegheri 144 Summer By: Flemming skov P. 152 Argentina By: Gus and Jorge

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