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Model Xiomara Franco (Colombia)

She is a 24-year-old girl from the city of Medellín, where she grew up surrounded by her family, who supported her in every decision she made. She is currently a model and student of the English language. She is an authentic and dreamy woman. Among her main characteristics is its expressive face, as it connotes its strong but at the same time pleasant personality and calls it as its favorite part of the body. Likewise, her slim body, white complexion and brown eyes are fundamental for Xiomara to be chosen to wear swimsuits on channels such as Tele Antioquia, 15 minutes tv and RCN entertainment news because thanks to her natural and overwhelming essence she achieves what is proposed and can become an icon of modeling in Colombia. On the other hand, this young paisa is unique, she does not allow adversities to collapse, but instead she struggles unceasingly for her dreams, defining her as a strong and educated woman with remarkable ethical and moral values ​​in those who know her. Xiomara arrives at modeling at 19 years of age in Medellín, after being driven by her family, who were clear about the talent and beauty of this young woman. At the beginning she was very shy and was not clear about the end of the record, two aspects that undoubtedly affected her during her professional beginnings and she had to manage them to achieve her dream. Among her professional goals is to become known nationally and internationally as a unique model to achieve various job offers and be one of the most sought-after models in the country; continue with his studies of acting and English, because he ensures that all these professions can be complementary to modeling; You also want to strengthen your IG page selling items and accessories @ boutiquerose06 and create a line of sportswear. Photographer: Luis Fernando Soto @lusotoph Makeup: Luisa Pineda @luisapinedamakeup

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