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Interview: Photographer Marianna Peruń-Filus (Poland)

I am a Polish photographer living in Krakow. Even as a child, I was interested in photography. It was presented as an element of family history and I enjoyed looking at the colorful photographs in albums and magazines. I studied architecture, and while I was a student I began to work with a photographer as a stylist and producer of fashion photography. I did that for almost 20 years and recently finished that project, ready to move on to others. During this time, I photographed landscapes as a hobby to capture moments of my travels. In my photographs, I was trying to show the quiet and calm in atmospheric places, far away from noise. I was always sensitive to the beauty of nature and energy of open spaces. For me, small towns and villages have the magic of places where time has stopped. I prefer silent places and I like when silence is expressed in the photograph. Two years ago I began my journey in portraiture, and from the very beginning, I have tried to approach it in this way. I like portrait sessions based on the elements, especially themes of water, air, and open spaces with motifs of wood and plants, and a dream-like atmosphere. Because of the beauty of places and nature, I prefer outdoor sessions and seek to express a relationship between human and nature. For this reason, I love working with models who also appreciate nature and feel a special connection to it. I like to capture women who are light, natural and authentic. I also adore the unusual beauty of my models, and tend to look for truth and emotion in the women I photograph. I like to get to know them a little bit before a session. When I prepare for a session, I often choose props and colors that complement the nature of my model, but that also relate to my soul. The portraits I take have to belong to both the model and myself. This is why I refer to photograph women. Even when I do a short session, I try to capture something more than a portrait: the atmosphere of the place where we are meeting, the feeling of the moment, an unspoken story, something that unfolds inside of me when I am shooting and when I am editing. These are not things that I plan before a session but that happen spontaneously when the relationship with a model has been established and the space and atmosphere align. The rest is worked out when I choose the right shots and edit them. I have a small portrait photography studio, but I mainly use it in the winter season. I create photographs both out of passion and professionally. I use Nikon cameras, and I have a set of lenses of different lengths that I choose according to the present moment and theme. I am mainly a self-taught artist, however I took some lessons from a friend photographer. Additionally, I learned from Dorota Gorecka, and her style of editing photos influences my finished work. In photography and in daily life, colors and their symbolism are important to me. I like a limited color palette, where the colors are subdued and complement the meaning of the picture. Photography is my passion, a way to explore and express myself. It gives me the power to grow, and happiness in creating and meeting new people. I love it

mod. Kasia Stwora, mua Adrianna Zubel

mod. Feodora Obraztsova, mua Joanna Cieśla

mod & mua: Karo Korab @fineartmodel

mod. Karo Korab @fineartmodel

mod & mua: Magda Lenart

Anna & Paweł / Adela

mod & mua: Klaudia K.

mod. Paulina -Silennce

mod. Kinga F. Cukinia, mua Hanna Piotrowska, hair Alex Kubacka

mod. Kamila Kargól, mua LipLady

mod. Ola Skorupska, mua UltramarineMakeUp

mod. Paulina M., mua LipLady

mod. Kinga F. Cukinia, mua Hanna Piotrowska

mod & mua: Klaudia K.

mod. Paulina M.

mod. Fantyna & Aga Ruda

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