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Biography: Photographer Emilia Majdra (Poland)

Can you tell us a little about you? My name is Emilia Majdra, I am (almost) 24 years old and I currently live in Wrocław, Poland. I’m an IT engineer by trade, but I work as a graphic and web designer in marketing agency. Actually I am just an amateur, self-taught photographer, who is absolutely insane about traditional methods of taking pictures. Past four years I have been taking pictures with a 35mm analog camera and soon I will start with a medium format one.

How and when did you get into photography? My story starts in 2008, when, with my parents’ support, I bought my the very first DSLR camera. That was because I was in love with ornitology and my desire was to catch the birds with my camera. Then I also started to take photos of my school mates and, in some way, the bird lover slightly moved into the people-and-portrait lover. By the end of 2009, when I’ve realized that it’s not enough for me, I’ve registered on one of the most popular sites for photographers, models and other creators, seeking for new faces. I was 15. And here the story begins for real.

What does photography mean to you? It would be too trivial to say: everything. It’s more than this. Actually, this is the only way for me to express what I exactly feel, what’s in my mind and how I see the world and people – their inner beauties and defects as well. I feel it with all of my body – with heart and mind, with eyes and hands.

Please briefly describe your photography style for our readers. Basically, I’m completely in love with the human body, its flaws and uniqueness, naked skin and naturalness, especially the feminine one. And I feel this the most. But on the other hand, it’s still not enough for me… So the spectrum of my activity are also stylized visions, classic portraits, conceptual photography and so on. In general, I always try to create a history, a tale, with some mystery.

Where do you get inspiration from? From observing the world, from people’s faces, from dreams, from Pinterest. Sometimes they appear out of nowhere in my mind. Mostly I’m trying to get inspiration from places I’m visiting or just going through.

Think you in advance what you want in the picture? Of course I do! Sometimes… But always it turns out to be at least a bit different and more spontaneous than I expected in the beginning.

Studio, on location or both? Definetely on location, but studio is also acceptable for me from time to time. Anyway I’d rather to use the charms of specific place, its unusuality and beauty. They give more possibilities to create the stories. Additionaly, I really adore unique interiors, some old-fashioned or casual or just untypical room, kitchen, bathroom, maybe garden, maybe abandoned attic, hall with stairs or a balcony.

Would you consider yourself a hobbyist or a paid professional? As I said in the beginning – I’m a total hobbist. I really love what I do and I don’t need any money to be happy with this. Anyway, there’s nothing better than a well-paid job, which is also the favourite hobby at the same time.

What has been your most memorable session and why? I think it was one of the recent, when I was preparing the shaman story. During this session I had to involve a make up artist for the very first time (sic!), also my boyfriend and I’ve got a costume from my friend designer. The preparations for the sessions took around three hours (what is quite untypical for me) and I’ve got to transport my team 100 km away from Wrocław... I was really concerned and worried, because after all of such sacrifice I didn’t want to dissapoint anyone. Hopefully we are all very delighted with the effects and you can find them on next pages!

Nikon or Canon? Favorite lens? Minolta! 😉 As an analog photographer I am not involved in this war. I don’t have any favourite specific lens actually. But I really like portrait lenses like 50mm or 85mm with nice depth of field.

What is one piece of advice you would like to offer a new photographer looking to start their own business? You just have to feel it with your heart!

What do you think of our new magazine? It’s just great! I really like the way of showing the artists’ portfolios. And you give an excellent opportunity for us to promote ourselves worldwide. I read the magazine with pleasure. Thank you, Modellenland!



Model: Marta

Model: Marta

Model: Marta

Model: Pffeffa

Model: Daria

Model: Marta

Model: Ewelina

Model: Ewelina

Model: Marfa; MUA: Agnieszka Piontek; Designer: Rekodziela.eu

Model: Marfa; MUA: Agnieszka Piontek; Designer: Rekodziela.eu

Model: Marfa; MUA: Agnieszka Piontek; Designer: Rekodziela.eu

Models: Alicja & Pffeffa; MUA: Marta Socha, Karolina Wawrzyniak; Crown: Jojart Jewelry

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