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Editorial issue 25 - Oktober 2018 IS OUT

Read the issue HERE


04 Maria Maeva By:Jan Borggreven 16 Maria M. By:Chris W.Braunschweiger 32 GHOST By: Elie Valiere 38 Anna Zaranska By: Adrianna Soltys 44 Nika Żerejko By: Anna Kryża 56 Kinga Fałtynowicz By: Anna Kryża 62 BAD GIRLS By: Miguel Barbosa 84 Féline By: Matthieu Colnat 98 Maren Tschinkel By: Lennart Bader 120 Océane Baleh By: Alain Joly 130 Unapologetic By: Anthon Smith 140 VALKYRIA PartII By: Eric Maurice 152 SWEET CORAL By: Laurie Cesari 162 MADI By: studio621t 168 Santa Barbara By: Sandy Porter 180 OLD CAR By: Details Photography 186 WEDDING By: Mark M

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