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Interview: Model Dalal (France)

I’m a model of Cuban an Jordanian origin living in Paris since 10 years. I am a professional for 7 years.

I’m passionate about my work, fitness, traveling and music.

I have a lot of experience in modeling, for exemple I’m New Balance France model, I work at the Paris lingerie fair twice a year and at the Bridal Show for Victoria Kay in Paris and Barcelona during fashion week. I do pictures for clothing brands, makeup, catalogs, lookbooks, editorials, e-commerce and fitness gyms.

I characterize myself for being a sincere person, friendly, professional and respectful.

I love to lead a healthy life and transmit my passion to everyone around me.

Model Dalal

IG dalal_unityfactory

PH: Layza Mendes

MUA: Zsolt Sánta

Agency : Model&Model Agency

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