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Photographer Patrycja Pozorska (Poland)

In 2016 she completed the first degree of sociology at the Jagiellonian University. Currently, she is pursuing a master's degree in the department of psychology, specializing in clinical psychology and psychotherapy.

Patrycja is an enthusiast of visual arts and a lover of alternative photography. Her first steps in photography were already in early school days, where creativity focused the attention of the local press and television.

The project - Photothérapie - is a combination of two areas: psychology and photography. Glass observation of human individuality and love for the interior of man - psyche. Therapy with a lens.

In her opinion, each of us is able to extract something that is secured by tight clamps of social correctness, it is only necessary to create the right conditions.

According to her, photography comes from a human being, an act of human creation, a reflection of fears and desires. Photography is a man, an extended language that is used for communication. You can talk about temperament, identity, history, conscious and unconscious acts in photography, but also about the frame, form and light. Equality for her is laughter, peace and joy and crying, anger and stress.

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