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"Photo Events: Podlaski Plener Fotograficzny"

What is Podlaski Plener Fotograficzny? It is a noncommercial meeting of photographers, models, make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists and designers. It may be said, that this sounds a bit like a description of a photoshoot, and indeed it is a photo session but it is performed in a larger scale - usually around 35 people take part in the event. During the last years however, sometimes there were more and sometimes there were less contributors. We spend several days together, we overnight together and we perform a lot of photoshoots. We realize the project according to TFP principle, that is each participant covers his transport and accommodation expenditures, nobody receives a salary but the benefit are photos to his or her portfolio.

Ph Jakub Bodys

Where did the idea of the photomeeting come from? Some time ago I participated in several photomeetings as a model. I really enjoyed this form of photoshoots, but since I live in Bialystok, I have always had quite a long way to visit any of them. Therefore, I decided to organize a similar event in my neighbourhood and this is how the Podlaski Photomeeting tradition was born.

Ph Jakub Bodys

How was it at the beginning of this tradition and how is it now? The first photomeeting took place in 2014. Back then I simply invited people, who I personally knew. We mostly did portraits and nudes - nowadays the events are dominated by stylizations. During the years the event was becoming more and more popular, therefore I could invite people who had already had interesting portfolios. Apart from photographers and models, a lot of highly talented professionals joined the team: make-up artists, hairdressers and stylists. Designers recognized Podlaski Photomeeting as a place worth to visit. Since the fifth edition a reporter and since the tenth one a dedicated person for wardrobe take part in the meeting. I care for diversity of style and photographic techniques at each event. There are analog photos (including wetplate collodion) and digital - strongly stylized. On the other hand we perform simple portraits too. I also change the location of the meeting so each time we meet in a different place.

Ph Jakub Bodys

Is the photomeeting a close event? Yes, it is. Some of the contributors regularly take part in the event, in each edition however, I try to invite new people, who have never been at such a meeting. Due to the location of the event, Poles are always the dominant group, but we have already had individuals from Belarus, Ukraine, Japan, Vietnam and RSA. Nevertheless, everyone can join our group and send his or her application. The main criteria are the portfolio level, uniqueness, a fresh view or an interesting type of beauty in case of models.

Ph Jakub Bodys

What are your further plans regarding the photomeeting? Last Sunday I came back from the XII winter edition and as usually, I straight away think about some changes and improvements in the photomeeting because the event evolves and I draw new conclusions. For a long time I have been planning to organize a group exhibition, but I must sincerely admit, that I did not have time for it yet. Usually I organize two editions each year - one in May/June and one in September. How, where, when exactly in 2019? The time will show...

Some results of the events

Photographer: Marta Rymarczyk, Model: Katarzyna Kowalska, Mua: Magdalena Nocon Lysko

Photographer: Monika Cichoszewska, Models: Dawid Hemke, Tomasz 'MiloMoss' Balon

Photographer: Gregory Pin, Model: Ewa Pasternak, Mua: Monika Januszyk, Hairstyle: Katarzyna Pajak, Designer: ITO

Photographer: Piotr Radecki, Model: Dawid Hemke

Photographer: Dariusz Pietrzak, Models: Helena Urban, Agnieszka Surdej, Mua: Monika Januszyk, Milena Sienkiewicz, Hairstyle: Natalia Karas

Photographer: Nodame, Model: Helena Urban, Mua: Monika Januszyk

Photographer: Angelika Bykowska, Model: Marta Sadowska, Mua: Katarzyna Kramnik, Hairstyle: Gaja Kapelan

Photographer: Ewelina Slowinska, Model: Grrracja, Mua: Magdalena Nocon Lysko, Hairstyle: Martyna Bryk Hairstylist, Designer: Karol Mietkiewicz

Photographer: Katarzyna Skowronek, Model: Klaudia Skalska, Mua: Monika Kujawa, Designer: Greg Red

Photographer: Marianna Perun Filus, Model: Cukinia

Photographer: Ignac Tokarczyk, Model: Thuy Duong, Mua: Monika Kujawa

Photographer: Mariusz Jabłoński, Model: Aleksandra Pieczek

Ph Dariusz Gas

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