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Ph: Alexandre Rossi - Model Manon Rouby

Tell the story of a deep passion for art, design, fashion, jewelry and materials. Through the creation of jewels, we let our creativity being free to tell lots of different stories, to mix severals universes without any limits.

The main purpose of our brand is to celebrate our differences, being out of stereotypes. We don’t want to follow the trends, we want to make our own trend in order to express and enhance the beau-tiful personalities of everyone of us. Let’s be atypical.

Who is MANON ROUBY? Owner and designer at “DEMOISELLE OLE OLE BIJOUX”

"Demoiselle Olé Olé Bijoux" tell the story of an atypical life dictated by a limitless passion.

As far as I remember I have always been full of creativity, new, different and original ideas. Since I’m a child I’m creating my own world, I used to draw a lot to make my own dreams reals and to learn to discover my true personality.

After high school, I decided to travel by myself to discover new worlds, atmospheres, cultures, people and this was the beginning of everything, because these adventures opened my mind and gave me the passion for all the differences that you can see in the world about people, landscapes, cultures… It reinforced my taste for atypical things and my conviction that, thanks to art, you can mix all the beautiful things inspiring you in the world with your own creativity. The outcome of this period spent overseas is a great inspired by unique ideas, true stories and amazing personalities. At the age of 21 I enrolled in an Art school in Paris: LISAA

The first year was a year of Art preparation and then a specialization in clothes fashion design. I was successful but unfortunately I got sick in the middle of my studies so I had to leave the school one year before graduation.

I came back to the south of France, to rest and started to find a way to put in practice all the things I had learnt during my lessons.I did create a clothes brand called RUBY’S DISORDER with a luxury clothing collection and a vintage collection. I worked between Paris and Saint Tropez.

A while after, I felt like something was missing in my work, I didn’t feel free with my creativity as I was supposed to find the right compromise between artistic and commercial. Finally I decided to learn jewelry and I found myself in it. With jewels I feel definitely more free with my creativity because even if it’s super atypical it’s an accessory to enhance the clothes and the personality of the customer.

I made a jewelry school in Aix en Provence : “l’Institut des Arts de la Bijouterie d’Aix en Provence”

I graduate the 3 first levels of french jewelry and I specialized in an old jewels making skill “the Chasing” to sculpt and put volume on metals.

Finally, after a lot of reflections, researches about metals, about inspiration,I’ve created my own brand “DEMOISELLE OLE OLE BIJOUX” that I am introducing to you today.

Ph: Alexandre Rossi - Model Manon Rouby


THE PURPOSE « How to make a beautiful an atypical jewel making a difference » The answer is simple : this is about creativity, skills and at least but not last THE MATERIALS.

SILVER 925 A beautiful, precious and high quality metal that you cantransform in all the ways you want. Our work on it consist in several Skills: Chasing - Engravure - Cutting - Polishing. All hand-made.

TITANIUM An amazing metal precious as well, with a high quality too, very lightweight that we transform by changing the color. We use an electrochemical process to put different colors on it (bronze, purple, bleu, green, pink, gold etc). We do : Cutting - Polishing - Engravure - Color. All hand-made.

Ph: Michael Costantino

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