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Kibbi Pixel and her life as fashion influencer

First of all, hello and welcome to my small blog. Happy to have you here reading about my personal life. I will give you an inside about howI got to be an influencer, where it all started and how I’m doing now.

I loved doing shoots and working on my own photography assignments. That was in the time of Netlog. When you had an online profile just like facebook. My friend and i went out in our neighborhood to take pictures of each other so we could upload them on our ‘cool’ platform. I was 13 years at that time and already developed a passion to become a model.

But sometimes life can take some twisting events. Family problems, new school, divorce, moving, debt and an eating disorder went on my path. It was a rough time to get back on my feet. I had struggled to find peace in my mind and family. But i found an escape in my artistic world and photography. Escaping made me survive.

Later I started with a new school and went back into studying a new course; photography. First it was facebook where i kept my photos, school assignments pictures and selfies, than a while later i was introduced to instagram.

My first days on instagram where pretty innocent and i just uploaded pictures of my little life. I took pictures of my cats, myself and here and there some photos of my new clothes that I purchased. Not knowing how to use this platform with it’s capacities.

One day i was looking at alternative jewellery and came across ‘Rogue and Wolf’. It was an alternative webshop that selled jewellery, i was intrigued by their designs and gifted myself some items. Very proud i posted my artistic photos on my Instagram.

Days went past and i was just minding my own small photoshoot, taking pictures on my phone with a selfie stick at the time. When suddenly I got spammed with notifications on my instagram. I didn’t know what was going on and panicked a little bit. Just to find out, that the popular instagram page of ‘Rogue and wolf’ reposted my photo and that was the moment, that i was bitten by the social media. I loved it that i got notified for my work.

I kept doing what I did. Bought some items for myself, did a shoot and posted it. I was lucky enough, i got reposted. When I got some small following, stores would send me messages if i wanted to choose an item to post on my page. I happily accepted everything in the beginning. The bad side was that i also accepted items that weren’t really my thing. But for the greater good, in the hope that i got noticed by a new audience.

But it did pay off. Now, to this day,I’m a fashion promoter for big companies like Killstar, Blackmilkclothing, and Dollskil.

But not all time is fabulous and fun. I live 3 life’s. A student life, sociale life and a working life. In the beginning i was overworked and fallen into an uninspired hole. I was exhausted, trying to have school, work and my freelance page all together.

There is a time where you just know, what you desire in your life. I took a break of my bachelor degree, to educate myself in a study called ‘digitale storytelling’. More than ever i felt happy and relieved that i had my tracks back on record.

Now, my days start at feeding my cats, drinking my cup of coffee and editing my pictures from the previous shoots. I edit several photo’s, get them ready for upload. I think of interactive captions,hashtags and tag inspiration accounts that are relevant to my instagram page.

Than when that’s all set i think of my next shoot, do homework or the household. On some days i’m not able to do all this stuff because of my working schedule. All my free time goes to instagram and my photo’s.

Hard work, investment, sacrifice and research led me to this stage of my online platform. I am thinking of expanding my platform more with blogs and videos. But for now, I’m still a student, living 3 lives.

Time is an investment and should be balanced. In the beginning i didn’t have management or time balance. You learn by time how to do your work efficiently and affordable for yourself.

My only advice for those who seek the same desire, don’t accept to much from brands if you’re doing free work. Stick to your own rules. You’re still a human with your own schedule. Don’t live life through your phone. Balance is the key for yourself and for good work. And most of all, don’t compare yourself to others because you are your own individual! Take pride in what you do but be humble as well.

All the love, Kibbi Pixel

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