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Bio: Model Federica Ferrari (Italy)

Federica Ferrari, born in 1990, is an Italian model and photomodel who lives in Italy. He develops his love for posing and photography at the age of 23 when he decides to get involved and start making the first shootings.

He shares his time as a ceramic laboratory technician and model throughout Italy: working mainly in Milan, Modena, Bologna and Parma.

Despite the initial difficulties, he manages to fit in well as a model by exploiting the power of social media and collaborating with artists such as Yvonne Vionnet, Claudio Binnella and Angelo Dau whose photographs are visible in his personal portfolio. He develops a love for the portrait set and for alternative genres such as the dark, the fine art and the surreal.

Thanks to his light and diaphanous complexion and his unconventional traits he perfected himself as an alternative model, making his particularities his strong point. He practices classical dance and uses the artistic and ballet poses to make his photographs harmonious. His dream is to continue his work as a model throughout Europe and to grow as a person, remaining true to himself and conveying his emotions in photography.

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