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Interview: Model Yuliia Mykhaliuk (Poland)

I’m Ukrainian but couple of years ago I moved to Poland. My photography adventure started around 1,5 year ago when I met with a photographer from Łódź, Piotr Sikora. It has become my hobby. I’ve been very engaged as modelling has started to be self-realisation and it has been possible to create. It’s not only about posing; I prepare outfits and retouch photos.

Model’s job is constantly changing me: mentally and physically. It’s crucial to keep it in mind and be able to change. I perceive photos like paintings where I am a form or emotional; not only a human. That’s why I love excessiveness of artistry, body flexibility and unusual ideas. These issues are the best in fashion and nude photography. Oil painting is my passion and it has started my interest in human body and will to pose nude. Thanks to Polish photographer Krzysztof Zapolski and Ukrainian fashion designer Alona Zozulia I fell in love with fashion photography.

Each era had some specific beau ideal. Luckily, in XXI century beauty has many names. I’m 1,58 metre height with little feet and hands like a teenager. But it has never been a problem in modelling for me. It doesn’t matter what size are you wearing or if your face is proportional. The most important are meaning and artistic values in photography. Everyone can be Beauty or the Beast and it’s always a big advantage of a photo.

I wish an every freshman in modelling not to be afraid of their body, face. I wish them to be ready to give their photos this magical spark, not only make up or nice decoration.

Interesting people, diverse pictures and perfect frames which contain something typical and atypical. All of these made my opinion about MODELLENLAND and I would like say a big THANK YOU for this publication.

Photographer Krzysztof Zapolski Designer Alona Zozulia Make-Up Katarzyna Krajewska Retouching Urszula Woyda

Photographer Monika Cichoszewska

Photographe Iwona Aleksandrowicz

Photographer Krzysztof Popowicz Designer Yuliia Mykhaliuk

Photographer Krzysztof Popowicz Designer Alona Zozulia

Photographer Bartek "Ninoveron" Brudek

Photographer Piotr Sikora

Photographer Dariusz Tofiluk

Photographer Piotr Sikora

Photographer Krzysztof Zapolski Designer Alona Zozulia

Photographer Łukasz Spychała, Designer Alona Zozulia

Photographer Paweł Szenk

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