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Interview: Photographer Ermes Mazzali (Italy)

Can you talk a little about yourself and how and when did you get into photography?

Ciao! to all the readers of Modelland, my name is Ermes Mazzali, I am a professional photographer from Suzzara in the province of Mantova with a photostudio in Motteggiana (MN). Photography is a passion that I carry inside since I was a child when, together with my father and my uncle, at the age of 10, I found myself developing photos in the darkroom. For many years now, my biggest passion has also become my job. Every month in my studio, external locations or in the various places where I am called, I organize events such as photography courses, workshops, model-sharing or shooting events. Since almost 4 years, together with a staff of professionals (models, make-up artists, hayr stylists and stylists) I also organize group and individual courses for aspiring photomodels.

What does photography mean to you?

For me photography is mainly communication and emotion. I like to capture the gaze of those who look at them and transport it inside them to convey the same emotion that I felt at the time of shooting. Photography is my work, done with passion and friendship because thanks to her during my events I always know wonderful people, wonderful colleagues with whom we often establish beautiful relationships.

Describe briefly your photographic style for our readers.

There are many photographers from whom I take inspiration, the first is undoubtedly Ansel Adams as my way of forografying is very much linked to the zonal system. I'm inspired by Bresson when we talk about composition, Salgado or Gardin when it comes to black and white photography.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspirations arrive. They come from the eye, from my photographic background. I believe that the photographic archive in the mind of a photographer is fundamental to give him the hints and inspirations to always realize what he is looking for.

Do you think in advance what you want in the picture?

Yes. I think photography, even before making it is already present in my head, researching it by arranging lights and model, I arrive at getting the desired result always trying to maintain the naturalness, simplicity and harmony of the shot.

Studio, location or both?

I love both situations because they allow you to take different photographs. In all the situations I encounter I am always attentive to the management of light, which for me is fundamental for the success of a photograph.

What was your most memorable session and why?

I love photography and taking what I don't like doesn't satisfy me. There are services and photos that succeed better than others but, if I take it is because I like the situation regardless of whether it is paid or not. If I have to think about the most beautiful sessions, linked purely by an affective fact, they are the photos I take of my daughter, my little 6-year-old model. If you ask me what my best photo is, it will be the one I will shoot tomorrow because I think that those who feel arrived have finished growing.

Nikon or Canon? Preferred goal?

Canon the whole life! It is purely for an affective fact, nothing against the other brands that I respect and respect, but Canon has been with me since I was a child. As goals that they too are Canon, I do not have a lens that I prefer more than others. It depends on what I want to achieve. I love the versatility of the 70-200mm (which I think every photographer should have), I love the 85mm, the 135mm, as I said the choice of optics is linked to the result I want to achieve.

What advice would you like to offer to a new photographer who wants to start his own business?

The advice I can give to all photographers who want to start an activity is to shoot with the heart. Take the photographs that make you feel good, that represent you and make you feel realized. Photography if you make it become a job, it must always remain "your photography" and more importantly, your passion. If you start shooting just to please and sell, passion and enthusiasm will soon be lost.

What do you think of our new magazine?

I must say that it is really very beautiful, elegant and well structured. I am proud of the photographic space, of the interview you gave me and I thank Peter for the opportunity.

Model Sofia Somesari

Model Sofia Somesari

Model Sofia Somesari

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Model Sara Corica

Model Sara Corica

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