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Editorial: TAGLIGHT By Cathy Batit

It is while strolling in the most beautiful capital: Paris that my inspiration came to me. These lights, these dazzling streams of water, these glittering street arts spouted forms and insolent reflections. I wanted to mix the chic and the glamor of Paris shimmering street art by incorporating lumierertsur face, sequins to make up, vertical tags on hair style trendy stylish colorful! Spotlight on TAGLIGHT

TAGLIGHT TEAM : Hair, Concept & Color : Cathy Batit Color : Claudine Lacroix Hair Assistant : Alexandre Batit Stylism : Virginie Maris Make Up : Adeline Raffin Models : Anastasia - Agata - Julie Vidéo : Nicolas Danjon Photo et Retouch : Latil Pascal Relation Press : ELP Hair Production Hair Products : Eugene Perma Paris

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