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Interview: Photographer Ivano Bellino (Italy)

Can you tell us a little about you?

I was born 41 years ago, in a sunny August. On the same day my father bought a camera to take pictures of his son's first image. In the young age I’de become totally voted to portraits photography and reportage photography. My experimentation finds expression in a town with a thousand faces; Catania’s not a big city but you’ll never forget what she can give you as a photographer. And that’s because I choose to follow that path. After a couple of years I’ve started to take weddings and events but, sincerely, if I’ll want to become a renowed photographer I’d like to make fashion and advertising photographer. I’de choose NIKON for my professional gear and I’m very happy top use that. I’m also official photographer of Scattando Italia , owner of private Photographic Studio and I’m active with editorials being published.