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Interview: Model Lou Aubert (France)

Can you tell us a little about you?

My name is Lou, I'm 23 years old and I'm French. I have been a model for over 3 years. In parallel, I am studying in an Audiovisual Production Master in Paris. I also practice circus arts for over 20 years, and I work in a theater, which allows me to see a lot of shows. I have always worked in an artistic environment and I love innovative projects. I am also passionate about travels.

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

I would like to have more self-confidence, photography helps me a lot but there is still work to do.

How did you start modeling?

My friends offered me a studio photoshoot for my 19 years birthday. A photographer on Facebook spotted one of the photos. We did several photoshoots together to build up a photo book. I was able to enter an agency and since then I have multiplied experiences to diversify my photo book.

What do you think of the work as a model?

I see photography more as a hobby, for pleasure, than as work. It was never my main objective, but it happened and I'm glad, but I make sure not to rely solely on it, this is important to have several purposes, and it puts less pressure in case everything does not go as hoped. Even if I am in an agency, the majority of my photoshoots are done in collaboration, which allows me to choose and build projects with photographers, creators, makeup artists or videographers. I like to have my say from an artistic point of view, which is rarely possible when working. My work is therefore carried by the pleasure of meetings, artistic creation and good humor!

What is your beauty regimen?

Beauty is very subjective. It can be physical as well as psychological. I particularly like psychological beauty, what could be better than working with beautiful people?

What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others?

I like responsibilities, I am determined and I have a good initiative spirit. I'm not afraid to fight and to work hard to obtain what I wish. And when I'm passionate, my motivation has no limits.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m studying to become a movie producer. But my biggest dream is travel. I plan to go around the world at the end of my studies.

What are some of your favorite experiences so far?

I recently had the chance to participate in a photoshoot with a horse; it was a great experience, where the photos are natural and spontaneous since we don't really "pose". I also loved taking part in a photoshoot for the brand of a designer from Paris Fashion Week 2019 in emblematic places in Paris. The photos were published in a magazine, we were so thankful!

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling?

Be sure to be very careful in the middle of photography and fashion, it can be as beautiful as harmful. The people who work there are unfortunately not all well intentioned. You risk being promised moon and stars, but remain vigilant, always check the sources and photo credits, the references of the people, and as far as possible, come accompanied for photoshoots where you do not know the photographer. You can never be too careful! If, on the other hand, you hang out well with a photographer, do not hesitate to multiply projects with them, to acquire a solid experience with confidence.

What do you think of the magazine?

I think this is a great initiative to introduce us to new profiles, jobs and sources of inspiration. The layout is very professional, it's a good fashion magazine, I found lots of ideas for my projects!

Photographer and makeup: Jésahel Charpentier

Photographer: Hervé Delion, horse: Jean Jeano

Photographer: Samuel Artman

Photographer: Laurent Cgartist

Photographer: Hervé Delion, horse: Jean Jeano

Photographer: John Santino, Makeup: Keren Tejones, Stylism: Moïra Critescu

Photographer: Ares Duval

Photographer: Ares Duval

Photographer: Ares Duval

Photographer and makeup: Jésahel Charpentier

Photographer: Marine Cessat-Bégler, Stylism: Deliseana, Makeup: Audrey.glbk, Hair: Justine_mua

Photographer: Luis Mendes

Photographer: Samuel Artman

Photographer: Philippe Durville

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