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Interview: Model Kia Enemærke Møller (Denmark)

Can you tell us a little about you?

Hi there! Im Kia and im 23 years old. Im a hard working girl with a lot of ambition and good energy and you will – besides from some pictures – almost allways see me smile! Right now I work in a danish fashion store as a sales assistant and as a waiteress in a café besides from different modelling jobs. I have always been very creative and intellegent, but I tend to worry an overthink more than I sometimes should. I mostly am positive though and I feel that we are obligated to remember and embrace what’s given to us and learn from our mistakes and hard times in life. A lot of people get the wrong impression of me because of the way I look and dress. People often think Im a diva or a bitch, but I love to prove them wrong by smiling and being kind and after getting to know me you will propably call me a hippie ;)