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Interview: Model Maria Tsaryova (Russia)

Can you tell us a little about you?

Hello. My name is Maria Tsaryova. I am from St. Petersburg. We have a leaden sky around the clock and it often rains. I am a fashion model and designer. At the moment I have my own brand of women's clothing.

How did you start modeling?

My modeling career began at age 16, my friend began to learn to take pictures and invited me to practice. Then my photos began to fly on the Internet and the work itself came to me.

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

Mmm, my height is 167, I would add a few centimeters. I know that for the catwalk this is not tall, but this does not prevent me from participating sometimes in shows. Otherwise, everything suits me.

What do you think of the work as a model?

I like to be a model, as well as everything related to this profession. Experiments, travels and creative people inspire me.

What is your beauty regimen?

I have good genes, but if it seems to me that I don’t like myself, I just need to go to the solarium, make a moisturizing mask and stand for 2 minutes in the strap.

What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others?

I am kind and believe in cause and effect relationships, therefore I always try to think before I do anything. I never do something for hype.

What are your plans for the future?

I really fell in love with New York. And I dream to fly there again

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling?

For those who are just starting, I advise you to believe in yourself and gain experience. Belief in yourself is probably the most important thing in life.

What do you think of the magazine?

MODELLENLAND MAGAZINE is an excellent platform for new faces and creative people. Thank you for attention.

Instagram: tsareva_mari

Photographer Annet Vice

Photographer Annet Vice

Photographer Sandra Sokolovskaya

Photographer Fernando

Photographer Sandra Sokolovskaya

Photographer Fernando

Alexey Svetaev

Photographer Igor Malakhov

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