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Editorial 36 - January 2020 IS OUT

Read, download free or order print HERE


04 Cover Girl: Elena Beliaeva

12 Barbara Moroni, By Aldo Tota

22 Martina Zuccolin, By Luca Defant

38 Wolf, By Jane Garbo

48 Passetto di Ancona, By Elisa Imperi

60 Victoria, ByAnthony Chow

70 Daria Savik, By Dmitry Niculin

78 Winter vibes, By Davide Druso

88 Kahulaa, By Pawel Gerula

104 Missery of Liberty, By Sourcedblack

122 Giulia, By MarioVal

134 The Black Panther, By Xenia Cserkun

146 Industrial room, By Pawel Gerul

156 Timeless Beauty, By V. Henningstad

162 ELEKTRA#2, By Gina Gino

176 Christmas, By Tomasz Fotografia

188 Claudia Lucchini, By Paul Lam

204 Chiara in the shadows, By Roberto

216 Collection M.IND, By LATIL Pascal

230 SCHWARZKOPF, By Audrey Bieber

234 B&W, By @sourcedblack

252 PIXIE DUST, By Latil Pascal

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