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Interview: Makeup artist Elouisa Kotterba (Germany)

Can you tell us a little about you?

My name is Elouisa Kotterba. I’m 22-year old makeup artist from Germany and I’m half German/ half French with Algerian roots. I grew up in a small town close to Frankfurt in Germany but I was always curious and willing to travel, see the world and get to know many different cultures. I’m a very open minded and communicative person who cherishes my family, friends and relationships. Also, I would say that I’ve always been a creative mind in different ways - I used to draw/ paint when I was a child/ teenager and love to sing and try out news sports like any kind of dancing or yoga etc.

How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get your start?

Before becoming a makeup artist I did an apprenticeship as a foreign language secretary and spent almost a whole year in the US being an au pair for 2 adorable kids and travel through America. Although I was enjoying everything I did before becoming a makeup artist, deep down I always knew that makeup is my biggest passion! So finally from November 2018 to November 2019 I made it official and went to a makeup school in Frankfurt (Main) to attend a full-time program for becoming a makeup artist. Besides makeup school a was working part-time for MAC Cosmetics where I did gain a lot of experience and got to know amazing people. In addition to that I took a Sunday class specialized on skin care at the biggest Cosmetics school in Frankfurt (Main) because I wanted to wanted to know more about skincare / skin treatments, etc. for me and my clients! Growing up in a suburb of Frankfurt with everyone in my family having practical jobs it wasn’t that easy to choose taking a very creative and risky path. Seeing me living my dream almost everyone is having more and more understanding and they now are very proud of me for choosing something that is making me happy every single day. So now (since November 2019) I’m trying to build my portfolio as a makeup artist, to travel, to connect with people and I’ll see what the future brings…

Where do you get your inspiration from? That’s actually a tricky question! I personally get my inspiration from so many different sources.

It always depends on the specific project. For sure sometimes I get my inspiration from platforms like Instagram or Pinterest BUT if so - I’m not doing ‘copy and paste’ - as it is just an inspiration it is there to give me ideas to create something different. Other times I get my inspiration when I just look at people and get ideas from what their faces are telling, from the eyes, eye colors, shapes, lips, etc. The inspiration can also simply come from seasonal themes, clothes, colors or nature! Maybe now you see why I consider this as a tricky question!

What are some of your makeup products that you use?

Assuming that asking for products you want to know the different brands I’m using - I’m naming you a couple of my favorites:

1. - one of my top favorite brand is definitely BenNye - I love so many of there products I don’t even know where to start!! Basically all the Creme palettes because not only the textures are perfect - they really pick their colors by what is used most and how can you mix a lot of different tones without having to use too many colors.

2. - I also use a lot of different products from Make-up For Ever for example the HD foundation who is perfect for all makeup artists working for TV or commercials AND also for photo shootings or private clients as the textures is neither too liquid nor too ‘thick’.

3. Another brand I’m using - not only because I used to work there but also because they’re having some great products is MAC Cosmetics. My absolute favorite product are their lip pencils as they have a huge range of colors, you can work very precise with them and they are very long lasting.

4. I could really go on with this list for ever but maybe one other product that I’m recently using for glossy lips and eyes or even glowy skin is ‘infinity glass’ by Linda Hallberg. The result is amazing and it really is non-sticky!!

Who have you worked for and who would you like to work for in the future?

I worked for and with amazing people and would like to continue with that. Yet, I did mainly work with German photographers, actors, productions, singers/ musicians, models and a few from abroad (France, Switzerland, US, etc.) If you want to know who exactly this is or will be in the future you can always check out my Instagram, Facebook or Website!

Any makeup tips you'd like to share with us?

As a makeup artist and cosmetician I feel like makeup is so misunderstood sometimes.


Maybe just to be clear I need to explain this. Everyone has beauty but some people don’t want to see it in themselves. Of course whenever we’re talking about an artistic makeup theme, makeup can be used as a mask or can be very extraordinary. In the end it is up to the individual however they feel comfortable but I personally think that for a daily routine nobody has to use makeup as a mask. Of course I’m not saying you shouldn’t cover up a few temporary pimples - use makeup to highlight the things you like about yourself , not to create someone totally different. Beauty is everywhere but beauty doesn’t have to the same all the time!

If you were not a makeup artist, what would be your dream job?

As I already partly mentioned I am a free spirit and one of the most important things for me in life is to grow, to travel and connect with people so my dream job should always include all of these aspects. In general you can grow in almost every job - but only if you really love what you are doing! Maybe I would be a singer as I always loved to sing or I would probably be enjoying different jobs with helping people in need or I would be working with kids and helping others to grow!

What are three things every girl needs in her makeup bag?

I’m sure everyone would pick different things here depending on what you like the most but here are my top three products: -

1. Mascara- I just think that it opens and emphasizes your eyes and it’s quick to apply

2. it probably counts more to skincare than makeup but something EVERY girl (no matter what age!!) should own and use 1-2 times daily is eye cream and some eye cremes can also be used as lip care and I mean if you already emphasized your eyes and have refined lips, what else could go wrong?

3. Number three would be highlighter, so you can highlight your favorite parts of your face e.g. cheek bones, nose or eye brows

What are common mistakes you see women make on their makeup?

Time to read my answer to question number 6 again! Most of the people think that makeup is about hiding your real face and creating something they saw on the Internet when it’s actually the opposite! For me the worst and most common mistake people do is applying TOO MUCH AND TOO light concealer beneath their eyes. I still don’t get why but matching concealer works better and if you want to highlight your eyes there are way better ways. It’s not always ‘more helps more’ try less on the right spots and you’ll see a huge difference!

What do you think of the magazine?

I think Modellenland Magazine has great Editorial content and I love the idea of sharing models, muas and other fashion-related jobs to get to know each other and connect!

I am so thankful for being a part of it!

Instagram: @makeupbyelouisa

FB: Make-up by Elouisa or Elouisa Kotterba

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