Editorial: HOSTEEL by Pascal LATIL

14 Mar 2020

I share you today, a desire, a test, unpretentious. I finally wanted to create, after these few years to photograph the hairstyle, a universe, a personal vision. The hairdressing collection of a non hairdresser, not to frustrate his cravings for creativity, to let his ideas go, to express himself without restriction. I wanted metallic colors, past, worn, patinated by time and divert elements related to metals and everyday life.












Collection HOSTEEL by LATIL Pascal


Direction Artistique, Photo, Scéno, hair accessory : Latil Pascal

Hair : Laurie Cesari & Latil Pascal

Hair coloration : Laurie Cesari & Eric Maurice

Make up : Christophe Pujol

Stylism : Fred Sathal

Model : Morgane Jeyden Ls & Aurore Istria

Production & Relation presse : ELP Hair Production



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