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Bio: Photographer Marlene Delcambre (France)

I am Marlene Delcambre, i have been living in Paris for 12 years. I started in photography in the famous Harcourt studio.

Then i worked for different model agency as a fashion photographer and for fashion designer

In my personal work, i stage myself to do self-portrait.

I exhibit my work in several art contemporary gallery My serie "The black line" is a freeze frames of a contemporary dance. The synchronicity of materials and bodies form a black line.

The contemporary dance is very importante in my personal work for the position and the place of the character in the space.

My last concept in photography is "Organic Dolls'

This series represent two women with the bodies and the attitudes of robots; they master the art of communicating themselves or of not communicating. Their movement can be absurd and surrealist. This series caricature, communicate and denounce some subject and I stage myself in this series too.

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