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Interview: Model Sara Mangiaracina (Italy)

Can you tell us a little about you?

I was born in Milan, but now I live more in Turin, since I study "Disciplines of the arts, music and entertainment" at the university. In addition to being a student, I love to pose for shooting, workshops and modelsharing. I also like to be the "muse" of some artists for their paintings and drawings, in fact I also want to start working for the Academy of Fine Arts. In my family we are six (together with my dog) and I think I have a good relationship with everyone, even if like in every family there are sometimes quarrels. We are human and we all have flaws. My mom is my best friend. I love to appreciate the little things in life, therefore I consider myself a lucky person. I have some fantastic friends. I'm not a disco girl, but more like a pub girl. I like to study, observe, listen, learn. I like being in contact with nature, even if I have a great fear of bees. I love cinema, theater, music and yes, photography. Art is my communication. I am a sunny, sociable girl but, with regard to my deep moods, I hardly open up with people, I prefer to try to show, even through writing.

I love to eat and try new dishes. I love to dance even if I'm denied. I love to live life and be sunny, in fact i have a sun as a tattoo as a rose (a flower that i consider sensual and feminine with passion). I love to achieve my goals, i am a girl who uses heart and head.

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

Honestly I do not know. I don't want to change anything about myself. I want to improve. When I get angry I become really bad with words and I would prefer that it were not so, luckily it rarely happens, thanks also to my patience. However, I usually try to deal with situations in the best possible way. I also want to be more transparent in my emotions and with people to say what I feel, without fear of suffering. I am a sincere and very outspoken person, but sometimes pride and fear, when it comes to love relationships, it closes me, why? Because I am also well alone and I don't want to ruin my balance because, when it comes to love, I always think that the other person wants to make fun of me. However, I hate negativity, in fact I try never to be.

What do you think of the work as a model?

There are various models that I respect. And I always like meeting new people in this area. I have beautiful friendships with photographers and models. I have beautiful memories. It’s nice to share a passion. Howerver I pose when i can, not always, but I don't see competition, on the contrary, I see unity and mutual help. And you can learn a lot from various girls !

What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others?

In my opinion one of my best qualities is that i am not a critic and judge for no reason. I am a girl who loves being in her private. I am a quiet girl who hates offenses, chauvinism and speaking without knowing. And when I say one of my thoughts I always try to be polite and to respect the thoughts of others if it makes sense, otherwise I sincerely if you speak through ignorance I don't listen to you much. I love to see a person beyond the cover, I love to know its content and its history. Yes sometimes I happened to meet a person and to think "it doesn't seem nice", but in fact I kept it for myself and if I have the possibility to know that person, despite my thought at first sight, I go beyond that stupid thought, I try to know it. A few years ago I was a victim of psychological bullying and it is not pleasant. I am a sunny, empathetic and determined girl, I always try not to think about the judgment of others.

How did you start modelling?

I started at the age of 15 for fun thanks to my friends, but already before I was fixated on posing, in fact I stressed everyone to take pictures every time with my mobile phone. Sometimes I spent almost whole days posing for photos. After this photo shoot experience, however, I started contacting other photographers, but I was afraid to go. I was inexperienced, it was a new thing and I had a kind of blockage, so I left it alone, even if the desire to try was there. in the end he won the desire and passion against fear and insecurity. At the age of 18/19 I started to find out more about this field, through some models. One must always be careful. I select photographers a lot, I don't answer yes to everyone, on the contrary, I look at various factors. I started from the portraits until I slowly reached the artistic nude. Initially obviously I didn't get paid, I really wanted to learn how to pose. I like to look at the photos, particular by particular and learn more and more. I always listen to the advice of techniques of professional and serious photographers that I respect. No laying is not as easy as it seems. You have to be expressive thinking about any detail of your body and face inherent in the mood, genre and frame of the moment. You have to be creative, therefore stay in close contact with art (photography, cinema, theater, reading, paintings, sculptures). You have to be flexible and also have self-awareness, and the more you know photography the better it is, because in this way you know how to move more with lights and shadows more space and objects. You have to get organized, trying to go as far as you can to meet the photographer. you need to know how to manage several photographers together who take you at the same time. You must also have "resistance", because if you pose for example 7-8 hours then your body will hurt. The better you are to resist then in certain climatic temperatures the better. I love being versatile. I like to pose for various genres. Obviously you have to take care.

What is your beauty regimen?

I love simplicity. I like femininity, sensuality, the female body, delicacy. But in my opinion every woman is beautiful in her own way, then yes, there may be preferences. It's nice that various types of girls a day can walk this path if they commit themselves. a woman is free to do what she wants, in her life and with her body, as well as a man. Freedom and mutual respect.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to continue posing, start doing some experience in the world of cinema as a script girl to see if i like it, maybe start photographing and enter the world of web design, where I am already learning. I would like to attend an acting course and travel as soon as possible. I would like to visit France, I am fascinated by it for the places and for the art. Improve in singing. Goals to be achieved slowly and not all together. First the main objectives .

What are some of your favorite experiences so far?

I consider them all beautiful experiences. I am happy to have developed a project together with the photographer Carlo Spinoso, dedicated to obsessive compulsive disorder. I'm happy to pose for events, thanks also to the team of photographers “Shades of glamour”. I am happy to have dedicated some photos to paintings and theatrical and cinematographic works with Giuseppe Briguglio. And to have met very good and fantastic photographers such as Marco Cavallari, Luca Barbera, Federico Tardito, Carlo Riserva and Antonio Cirillo. I like how I worked with Antonio for the first time, when he asked me "tell me about yourself", just in a period where I had had serious problems at home and felt the need to let off steam, after i moved. Everyone has made me grow in my experience. We created some beautiful photos, where I am very satisfied! My favorite photos are the ones they tell. And a good relationship between photographer and model is essential. Understanding each other. Laughter, food, places, photos, emotions!! I have to thank Renato Buontempo very much!! Thanks to all the photographers I have worked with and with whom I will work!

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modelling?

Ask for advice from people in the camp. Taken with very good photographers, also obviously paying! Take these experiences seriously! Learn also through what I wrote above! Sign up for an agency or multiple agencies if they are serious. And always be careful! Always ask for feedback and a portfolio!

What do you think of the magazine?

I really like is as a magazine! You can get to know good artists from all over the world and i really like your layout! It brings people together!

Facebook: Sara Mangiaracina

Giuseppe Briguglio for Tartufo, Molière

Federico Tardito

Carlo Spinoso, Ossessione

Antonio Cirillo

Antonio Tibet

Carlo Riserva

Antonio Cirillo

Massimiliano Falso, Mua Silvia Serafini

Marco Lucato, Mua Silvia Serafini

Marco Cavallari

Marco Cavallari

Luca Barbera

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