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Editorial 40 - July 2020 IS OUT

Read, download free or order print HERE


04 Cover Girl: Narvini Dery 16 GALACTICA, By Pascal Latil 30 Sandra Inigo, By PAGE7 Photo 38 Nicoline Sophie, BY FLASHnMODELS 46 Amora DiCapria, By @thisisolli 54 POINT ZERO, By Cyril Beynet 62 Svetlana, By Mayne Philippe 72 Amora DiCapria, By Janko Bosch 82 Klaudia Stempka, By Pawel Gerula 92 Stacey G. By: Pascal Alles 104 Countryside, By Ugo Baldassarre 114 Les Favorites, By Laurent Voisinet 122 Italian Tuscany By, Platty Garcia 144 Thorns Of Roses By, Eric Maurice 160 KEX Vintage, By Mateusz Żurowski 172 Georgina Hobor, By Örkény Zsombor 184 Lubna Patriny, By PAGE7 Photo

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