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Interview: Model Narvini Dery Ravishangar (Denmark)

Can you tell us a little about you?

My name is Narvini Dery, I am born in India, brought up in Denmark and my native is Sri Lanka. I have a double sided professional life as a Social advisor and an Actress and model. On the one side am educated in Master in Social Science in Social work and experienced in working in Psychiatric field. On the other side am an independent artist who started my career as a lyricist and made my way as an actress in to the Tamil Film Industry. Where I have also worked as director, singer and model. I travel across the world to work and collaborate in different movie, music video, photoshoots, modelling projects in to the Tamil film industry. I did my debut as the lead actress in the European Danish - Tamil feature film "uyirvarai iniththai” (translated You’re the joy of my life”) which was released internationally with subtitle in 2014 such as Denmark, Canada, Holland, France, England, Germany, Swiss, Italy, India and Sri Lanka. This movie won 9 awards from several Tamil film festivals in Europe, Including the best Actress award. In 2018 I did my second movie as the Female lead. This was a Sri Lankan movie named (Sinamkol) which won Best Debut movie in the Calcutta cult film festival 2018. In 2019 I participated in Miss universe Denmark 2019 and won the “Best charity ambassador “and was placed in top finalist. Her after my modelling career with in the Danish field expanded.

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

I don’t want to change anything about myself, as I believe everyone is unique and a masterpiece having their own story of life, like I have mine, but I would want to better myself, my inner self, to see the positive even in the worst negative situations.

How did you start modelling?

My mom owns a dress designing shop, in the beginning I started modeling for her dresses, later I collaborated with my friends from the European Tamil Film industry and did some modelling shoots to expand my portfolio for my acting career, those pictures was widely recognized in the social media and I was hired to do advertisement shoots and photoshoots for various brand such as

photographers, dresses, makeup, jewelry etc. While I did those photoshoots, I realized that I enjoyed modelling on a higher scale than I thought, which eventually pushed me to participate in Miss universe Denmark. During my participation in the beauty contest I learned much more than posing, I was trained in Catwalk, stage presence and more. That experience opened new interests and I started more collaboration with various photographers in Denmark to develop my skill as a model. Here Thomas from Page 7 Photo has been one of the best photographers that I have worked with.

What do you think of the work as a model?

Modelling for me is expressing a story within a fraction of a second, that the photographer can collect within that same moment. There need to be mutual understanding cause every pose has its value and a power because it’s a part of our self we put in through a picture. That moment is priceless cause it’s our moment to be owned. Our bodies are the most unique masterpiece on this universe and to get an opportunity to express anything through with ourselves without saying a word is an Art and I completely enjoy that process. Modelling for me is a relief, at that moment I feel I am set to be free, to be me, to be expressive and enjoy myself. Modelling for me is a process where I acknowledge myself.

What is your beauty regimen?

Healthy Good skin is what I call beauty and everything I do as a regimen is to get that. Having said that, I want to mention that, I suffer from Melassezia (fungal acne) and genetically dry skin issue, which cannot be cured, but needs an intense skin care routine to keep it under control. Being a model and having those issue is an everyday battle. Thus, I-have an intense morning and night time skincare routine, and a weekend pamper routine. I avoid products with; Paraben, sulfate, alcohol, silicone, and only use products that are allergen free and safe for Malassezia. Although a Beauty regime is never complete when it’s not treated inside out, so taking the needed vitamins and being hydrated is an essential step for a complete beauty regime. Having good skin is hard work, but mostly a passion and after all those hard work, it’s is defiantly like receiving an award each time a photographer recognizes me for having good skin.

What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others?

Being a complete social and a complete private person is a unique mixture I would say that distinguish me form others. I am like a book that doesn’t give a climax, yet very transparent. My extrovert side is all about being social, adventures, risky but I have a complete introvert side to me, which is total mysterious and I enjoy being that person who is transparent but still unknown. I my private life I travel a lot to child orphanages and spend a lot of quality time there and help with what I can. Like I mentioned everyone is unique and my uniqueness includes this as well as having the double sided professional life.

What are some of your favorite experiences so far?

I enjoy each experience because I am a person who enjoys the process despite the result. Thus, some of the experience include more excitement which makes them more special. Here my first debut as a lead actress, my first award was unforgettable. Likewise travelling to Sri Lanka and being there for almost 3 months to do my second movie also as the lead actress was a different lifetime experience to remember. Recently the Miss universe Denmark journey was also one of a kind experience to cherish and remember for a lifetime. Even though it was a competition it felt like a short-term school with a bunch of friends. Each project, gave different memories and made them all Special. Adding to this list being featured on the front-page in the Modellenland Magazine and giving an interview is also an experience as a model to remember and it is being added to the favorite list too.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for future are to keep on track with my double sided professional life and reach my targeted goals on each panel.

Within the modelling career I want to be an example for girls who are not tall and holding back to push through, because of the worries about the boundaries about bodies that had been set for years. I want my work to speak out and inspire all girls to be comfortable in their own body and embrace it. Thus, I have my Youtube Channel where I do various videos to create awareness and general videos on lifestyle. I have also made a video about being beautiful in all skin tones titled “Dark and lovely” where I have done a photoshoot collaborating with a makeup artist and done a deep dark tone makeup, which was well appreciated in the social media. At the same time, reaching heights and collaborating with various photographers, magazines is also a top priority.

Within my acting career I am under the processes of signing my next few movies and short movie projects. Thus, I am also in the process of writing my own script to direct my first feature film.

On the other side of my professional life I recently finished my MSc, and specialized about Depression and the social system. In my Miss Universe Denmark journey, I did my Charity project about Depression in collaboration with Depression Association which got me the tittle for best charity ambassador. These because of my twofold experience as a client myself who had experience with depression and proficiency as a Social Advisor in psychiatric sector. Those Experience in the past motivated me to research about depression and the Social system, so my future is to lead a project in the Social work field and help develop the social work especially within the psychiatric field parallel to my modelling and acting carrier.

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modelling?

I can’t give an advice because I still have a long way to grow, but I can share what helped me the most, which can help those who think of starting. It helped me to be comfortable and be myself. Doing things, I want to at the time I want and being open and saying no if I don’t feel like it. Modelling is not like any other work, here we put our self out, being vulnerable in front of the camera but with a confidence of being ourselves helped me. I don’t rush I don’t chase after the good moment, I enjoy the moment and I enjoy the process. before any shoot I kind of plan it out as a project and get myself involved in all aspects and doing my homework learning new poses. So like any other field you need to keep on learning and doing better for each time. Before I started in modelling I asked myself if that is a lifestyle I want to lead cause any profession has its own lifestyle, so my priority before getting started in to any carrier is to analyze the lifestyle and fell if that is what I want to live, cause the way I see it is “if you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain”.

What do you think of the magazine?

First, I feel extremely happy and honored to be featured with my Photoshoot picture by Page 7 photo and my interview for a magazine, that focus on celebrating art of fashion and t acknowledging artists behind it. It is extremely important in any field to be addressed for the work they do and be recognized for it. I hope more and more talents will be seen through the Modellenland Magazine. Every experience has its element of magic, but a magic can be unseen without a spotlight on it, where a magazine has its power to enlighten the magic and spot it on, here Modellenland is doing an impressive work for it.



Model: Narvini Dery Photo: PAGE7 Photo

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