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Interview: Model Megan Rose Carlile (UK)

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Hi my name is Megan, I am a law student and part time model and singer. I am fairly new to modelling and was introduced into world of modelling around three years ago when I reached the semi-final of the ‘Miss England’ competition. I love having the opportunity to work with a variety of photographers, as they all bring unique qualities to their work. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? It’s so easy to sit and look at yourself and pick out flaws, especially being a model and having to see yourself in photos regularly. With social media having such a huge impact on our generation, it’s very hard for young people to not have insecurities when seeing influencers and models on their screens, daily. I think there is a misconception that models are very confident within their own skin, I for one am not and I know so many fellow models who have self confidence issues. My main aim is to use my platforms in a positive way to ensure others feel confident and happy with who they are. How did you start modelling? Modelling is something I had never thought of doing until I stumbled upon the ‘Miss England’ competition. After reaching the semi-final, I was offered TFP photoshoots to build up my portfolio and since then I have been hired for many jobs for various brands/photographers/events. What do you think of work as a model? I love work as a model because everyday is so different. As I said previously, I only model part time as I am studying for my law degree. I think this keeps modelling work more interesting this way as it doesn't feel so much like a ‘job’ but instead something I enjoy doing and get excited about. What is your beauty regime? On a usual day of modelling, I will get up, moisturise, prime my face and apply my makeup. At the end of the day, I’ll remove my makeup with a cleansing butter, face wash, apply a face mask, tone then moisturise. In regards to hair care, I tend to wash my hair every other day and leave it to dry natural as I like to use as little heat as possible so it keeps in good condition. The next morning, i’ll style it to what I think best suits what I am going to wear that day. What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others? I like to think that I am very motivated and have a good work ethic. I always put 100% effort into everything I do, as I hate to think that I could've done more or tried harder. I always help and support others and I am involved with many charities in which I fundraise for. Last year my dad and I completed the London marathon and raised £6k for ‘Children with cancer UK’, which is one of my biggest achievements. I have also received a ‘Diana award’ for the work I have done supporting young people with bullying and mental health issues. I believe that my modelling career has been progressing well due to my reliability, enthusiasm and professionalism on and off set. What are your plans for the future? It’s always difficult to say what the future holds, especially as I'm still studying but I like to hope that I’ll still be doing things that I love. My main goal is to be happy and successful in whatever I decide to do in life, whether that be as a lawyer, musician or modelling. What are some of your favourite experiences so far? On every shoot I do, I always learn something new, which I love. I have been involved with so many amazing shoots over the years but my favourite experiences are when I get to meet new people and build friendships with photographers and models. Do you have any advice for those who want to start modelling? I’d always say just give it a go and don’t get disheartened if your first shoots don't turn out as you expect. The more shoots you do, the more confident and comfortable you’ll feel behind the camera. Also, don't let anyone make you do things that you feel uneasy e.g. poses, clothing. Modelling is so fun and if you're debating whether it’s something you'd want to consider, then just go for it! However, always remember to stay safe, e.g. take a chaperone if you are under 18, check out references of the photographer and don't pay agencies to let you join. What do you think of the magazine? I love the magazine! I think it is a great opportunity for models, photographers and MUA’s to showcase their talents and creative abilities. Facebook: Megan Rose Music Instagram: megan_carlile

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