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Editorial 43 - November 2020 IS OUT

Read, Download free or order print HERE


04 Cover Girl: Tia-Maria Kjærsfeldt

12 Astrid Gaardsdal, By PAGE7 Photo

20 Marina, By PAGE7 Photo

30 Ivashchenko, By PAGE7 Photo

38 Rayna De Denooze, Phil Tubbax

44 Nada Khalil, By PAGE7 Photo

50 Ea Skovgaard, By PAGE7 Photo

60 Photography Rahul Chowdhury

72 Desert, by David Fergar

82 Polina, By Andrea Graziani

88 Chic Safari, By Fausto Furgeri

96 Polina, By Anna Shuvalova

102 Aline Wintmolders, By Xavier Jacky

106 Lissa Sloot, By Xavier Jacky

110 Sofia's Boudoir, By Luca Bartoli

122 Polina Ryzhankova, By Paul Francis

130 Elisa Corbella, Davide Pappalettera

138 Collection VINYL, By Latil Pascal

158 Glitter, By Tomasz Ciesielski

166 Ecaterina Ret, By PAGE7 Photo

176 Narvini Dery, By PAGE7 Photo

184 Laima, By Oksana B.

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