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Editorial Issue 47 – December 2021 IS OUT

Read, download free or order print HERE


04 Coachella, By Tête d'Affiche

16 Anna Aksamit, By Moxsantos

26 Art, By Sahir Yerunkar

36 Valeria, By Andrea Schallschmidt

46 Liliane, By Marie-Mélodie RAMIREZ

60 UNDER WATER, By Nikaia Garibaldi

70 Barcelona, By Robert Lipnicki

84 Sharon, By Ugo Baldassarre

90 Alisson, By Steven Wolles

98 Special edits, By Tony

108 Maria Kissov, By PAGE7 Photo

124 Sarah Salomonsen, By Nikolai H.

132 Vivienne, By Laurent Voisinet

150 Emili Basile, By Aldo Pepe

166 Gaia, By Tête d'Affiche Academy

176 Excellence, By Pascal Latil

184 Calendar 2022, By Manfred B.

198 Emiliana Berg, PAGE7 Photo

214 Alessandra, By Andrea S.

226 Dark Grey, by Alexandra Grey

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