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Editorial issue 49 - January 2023 IS OUT

Read, download free HERE


04 Giorgia Cassi , By Ugo Baldassarre

14 Fiore, By Gina Gino

30 Paint, By Tomaszfotografia

40 Je T'AbIME, By Tête d'Affiche

50 Odessa, By Rut Navarro

54 Blondie 2.0, By Léna Lepetit

60 Chic Texture, By Samuel Baptiste

66 Kromatik, By Just Hair

74 Play, By Urban Keratin

86 The Box, By Daniel Corthaut

100 Angelina Petrova, by Dan Felix

110 Fashion, By Marta Filipczyk

126 Casa Del Grey, by Alexandra GREY

140 Wind Part 1, By Live Production

158 Wind Part 2, By Live Production

174 Underwater, By Ewa Lagowska

186 Black White, By Davide K. Carboni

192 Vanessa, By Kalos Photo Art

200 Plastic, By Brion Cédric

218 Dance, By Jacob M. Lypart

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