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Editorial: Once Up on a Time, By Cyril Bazin Coiffeur Créateur

Once Up on a Time …

Cyril Bazin invites us to dive into the rock universe through several decades /70s/80s/90s symbolized by fashion and music icons Femininity and rock are two concepts that may seem contradictory, but which can be united as an uninhibited way of life in which the woman emancipates herself through her look!

Many women have proven that femininity can be powerfully expressed with bold looks and textures.

Direction Artistique : DKhairdesigner / Latil Pascal / Artisitic team Cyril Bazin

Coiffure : Artistic Team Cyril Bazin Coiffeur Créateur

Stylisme : ELP Hair Production

Maquillage : Myriam Jegousse-Soulard

Photographie et Retouche : Pascal Latil

Production & Relation presse : ELP Hair Production

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