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Hairstylist Glennda Rommelaere (Belgium)

Balmain education manager - Balmain international trainer - Salon owner - Session stylist PFW - Make-Over Specialist - International celebrity hairstylist

From a young age, Glennda was captivated by hairstyles and the fashion industry. It was written in the stars that she would chase her dream. She began her career in 2005 as a hairstylist assistant and subsequently progressed to become a lead stylist, expanding her expertise along the way. In 2009, she took on the role of an international educator at Redken. During the thirteen years she held this position, she got her first taste of the international stylist life. Her expertise and strong reputation didn’t go unnoticed in the industry. Meanwhile, Glennda felt the urge to start something of her own. In 2017, she opened her own salon in Sint-Kruis, named “Designed by Glennda.”


Since 2022, Glennda has been juggling her own business with roles as the education manager and international trainer at the renowned Balmain Hair Couture. Training hairstylists, launching trends, developing new hair products… These are all tasks she undertakes with enthusiasm. Furthermore, she works as a celebrity stylist. Photo shoots, video shoots, Paris Fashion Week, Cannes Film Festival… she consistently makes celebrities shine. She listens to her clients’ desires, gauges their style, and crafts a customized hairstyle where every strand is perfectly in place. From updos that exude Hollywood glitz and glam to editorial hair that makes a bold statement: Glennda does it all! Moreover, she coordinates seamlessly with other stylists. Because besides the hairstyle, clothing and accessories are also essential. The complete look has to be spot-on!


Marianne Fonseca 

Photographer: Gustave Durin 

Hair : Glennda rommelaere 

Make up: Arturo Vermiglio

Jon kortajarena & Esther Cañadas for 50 year anniversary campaign balmain hair 

Photographer: Quentin Debriey

Make-up: Celine Martin 

Production: MII production 

Artistic direction : Ilham Mestour 

Hair assistant : Glennda rommelaere 

Rose Bertram 

Photo: Getty images 

Hair by: Glennda rommelaere 

Make-up: Becky Moore 

Casablanca brand Paris fashion week 2023 

Hair : Glennda rommelaere 

Make up : Naima Bremer 

Artistic direction hair : Ilham Mestour 

Photographer: Guilherme nabhan 

Zane Phillips 

Hair and makeup : Glennda rommelaere 

Paris fashion week 

Balmain Men 2023 

Hair : Glennda rommelaere 

Artistic direction hair : Ilham Mestour 

Make up : samira pipko 

Vogue Arabia 

Photographer desiree_mattsson

Creative director@aminejreissaty

Hair assist @glennda_rommelaere @nicolepoede_

Digital operator @ruben_kristiansen

Art direction hair Ilham Mestour 

Ginta for Campari 

Hair: Glennda rommelaere 

Make up: nars cosmetic 

Cannes filmfestival 

Jon Kortajarena 

Hair and make-up : Glennda Rommelaere 

Paris fashion week Balmain Men f/w 2024/2025 

Photo : Getty Images 

Sarah Loinazm

Hair : Glennda rommelaere 

Photographer: Andres Garlujan

Make up: Arturo Vermiglio

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