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Interview: Model Bo Oostland (The Netherlands)

Can you tell us a little about you?

Hi, my name is Bo Oostland and I am a Dutch parttime model. As an entrepreneur I run my own psychology practice. In addition to that I like to be involved in the creative process of being a model.

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

I find a tanned skin attractive. In the summer I would like to tan a little easier

How did you start modelling?

Ten years ago I did my first photoshoot. After that I did some shoots on and off untill two years ago. Two years ago I approached it a bit more professionally and I registered with the Chamber of Commerce with Bo Modelling & Acting.

What do you think of the work as a model?

I love the different looks I see myself in with each photo- or videoshoot. I trust on the stylists, muah's and photographers for the style and techniques. That way I can focus fully on my part of the job. For me personally, the aesthetic work as a model is a good counterpart to my work as a psychologist.

What is your beauty regimen?

It starts with getting enough sleep and exercise. For my face I use an exfoliating and moisturizing cream. I am also aware of what I eat, but most of the time I eat what I like, provided I don't have a fitness assignment.

What are your personal qualities which distinguish you from others?

The things I get back from different photographers are my smile, friendly appearance and my dreamy look. I am also patient, observant and a quick learner of new things. I enjoy being part of the creative process. Collaborating on a topic can produce the best photos.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to gain some more experience in videography and act in TV commercials. Ideally I could free up some more time in the future to do more modeling work.

What are some of your favorite experiences so far?

Every shoot has something special and gives a new experience. Sometimes you meet a new friend, some let you go to special places and others teach you new things about modelling.

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modelling?

Follow your heart but beware of people who want to take advantage of your novelty and ignorance in the profession.

What do you think of the magazine?

I love the concept. It's a great platform for people in the modelling industry

Photographer: Alan Wooter

Muah: Destiny-jane Fokke

Photographer: Linda Rutgers-Schoers

Photographer: Heike Bok

Muah: Annita Kamphuis

Photographer: Rein Reezigt

Styliste: Cyriëlle Michel

Muah: Maureen Bakker

Photographer: Luuk Steemers

Photographer: Harrie van der Meer

Muah: Esra van der Meer

Photographer: Sjouke Hietkamp

mua Lianne Matevosjan

Photographer: Baron Samedi

Styliste: Cyriëlle Michel Muah: Chantal Turk

Photographer: René van der Linden

Photographer: Marcel van den Broek

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