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Interview: Photographer Antoine Harrewyn (France)

Tell me about yourself.

Antoine, 38 years old, passionate about art and the audiovisual world. My initial training is sound editing and sound design, I also do video for some time, photography in parallel and music too! Very important.

How and when did you start photography?

I started with my father's film SLR, then in school, and then I continued in amateur and professional photography.

What is your goal in photography?

Keep learning and doing new things, as you can see I don't like to get stuck in one style of photography !

What does photography mean to you?

It's another way to express yourself, with music. I also work with music for a better result. A language to say things differently, and to give his vision of things.

What is the difference in your work with others?

It is versatile, a bit like me, I'm too curious not to try new things, but that can confuse some people, I know that. I like very dark styles as well as very soft, and I like it to be cinematic.

Where does your inspiration come from?

With many other photographers, from Doisneau to Capa and Ronis! But also simply in nature and in the street.

Do you make plans in advance for a shoot?

Yes and no, depending on the project, but technically when it's new for me; obviously. But improvisation is also interesting! When it's a very precise client request, on the other hand, we prepare everything well in advance because there is no right to make mistakes.

Do you work on your photos and describe your post production work?

Yes, I develop on Lightroom first, and then on photoshop. Depending on the style, it takes more or less time, but for example, a dreamy style will require more post-production, because of the elements and effects to add. I also find my favorite colorimetry (blue tones) in the color balance of Photoshop.

What is your preference, outdoor location or studio?

I don't have a preference because both are interesting to work with. In location, you have to work with the natural light, and you have to place yourself according to it, then model with what you have to work with the natural source, add some if needed, make your photo with the background and the model. In the studio we create everything from scratch, it's different, but just as interesting. We have the choice of the sources and their axes, of the power of the light, of the background and thus of the direction of the model.

What places and topics appeal to you the most?

Seascapes because it's so beautiful, powerful and out of control, as if soft and calm, the lights are almost always incredible to work with. Also the abandoned or historical places, where you can tell so many things in one picture.

What would you absolutely like to photograph?

Unusual or even forbidden places!

What's the most important thing you've learned over the years?

Always remain humble and as objective as possible, because art is so subjective that take some breath to think is essential.

What are your future or short term plans?

A strong portrait project, highlighting sadness. Paradoxically, I find it very beautiful!

What are you looking for in the models you work with?

Presence, charisma, expression, and especially complicity. I'm not looking for a body but for personalities and the attitudes that comes with.

Do you have a message for the models?

Don't loose your mind, as your time, on the slightly too material aspect of our time. I know it sounds a bit old-fashioned, but it's important to get back to the basics as soon as possible.

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