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Interview: Photographer Dalida Jákli (Hungary)

Can you tell us a little about you?

Hello everyone! I'm Dalida, a lifestyle photographer from Hungary, but I've been living in Austria for 8 years with my partner and 2 children.

I love travelling, hiking, reading and all kinds of creative work.

How and whendid you get intophotography? Even as a small child, I loved looking at photographs, I was fascinated by the way you could preserve a moment from the past.Then, as a teenager, I got my first camera, and took pictures of literally everything. Flowers, animals, nature, and bothered the family and friends to pose for me.I started learning photography from books, but then I stopped, I felt I didn't have the stamina.As the years went by, the love never diminished and I continued to take photos as a hobby, but I didn't put too much effort into it.Then the life changed as I became a mother, I felt I need to preserve every moment of this wonderful time in the best possible quality, so I started learning again.With two little ones I knew this is never going to be easy, and it still isn't, but luckily my partner supports me and helps me through everything.

What doesphotographymean to you?

This cannot be expressed in a thought.For me, it is an expression, an art form, a precious gift. When I'm in a bad mood, it's therapy. When I’m happy it is passion, almost a little obsession.

When I was 21, my dad died and I was standing there with hardly any good photographs of him. I longed for a picture of him laughing genuinely, or a photo of him in his laid back mood, memories that still live vividly in me. So for me, photography also means to stop time a little bit, to steal particular moments from it. When people take my pictures in their hands, I want them to see the person in front of them, so that they can relive the moment, I want them to remember the scents they felt at the time, just by looking at a candid snapshot.

Nikon or Canon? Favorite lens?

I use Nikon, my favourite lenscurrently is a 35 mm one.

Please briefly describe your photography style for our readers

I'm still at the beginning of my journey, hence I don’t feel I've got a fully developed style yet.

I enjoy taking photographs of families, mothers, couples and portraits. I started photographing weddings this year. I even do boudoir photos. I love each one of these, each for different reasons. I love capturing people in the best way possible, in their best way possible, to show their most beautiful, most positive side, genuinely. Lately I've found myself enjoying lifestyle photography, I look for the candid moments, the big smiles, the mischievous looks, the tears... and then trying to show the real feelings, the imperfections of the vulnerable humans we are.

Where do you getinspirationfrom? I find inspiration in many places. Whenever we go out to the street, I am gazing around in awe and thinking what great photographs could be made. When we travel, all the nature and landscape just wait for me to grab my camera. In my moments of solitude, I am turning to the internet, admiring the work of photographers Ilook up to. I look at what caught me in the photo and try to make it my own. I’m seeking for inspiration in books, paintings, or simple moments people post.

Do you think in advance what you want in the picture?

That’s a tough one. Both, yes and no. I try to get to know each person before the shoot.We choose the location together based on their personality.Then I choose the time of day to bring out the most of natural light, and even help with outfit selection. But when I'm photographing a client, I can't plan everything, because every person is different and that's what I aim to show. They decide what they feel comfortable in, what hairstyle they have, whether they wear make-up or not. In my own passion projects, things are more planned out, aiming for my creative dream I thought up, but there's a lot of spontaneity in those too.

Studio, on location or both?

I shoot both in the studio and in nature, but I definitely prefer nature, there is so much beauty available that the studio cannot offer.And if I'm in a studio, I try to work with natural light as much as possible, only using flash or a constant light if I really need to.

Would you consider yourself a hobbyist or a paid professional?

Somewhere in between. Although I get paid for my work, it is not my full-time job for the time being.At this point, I wouldn't call myself a professional by any means, because I'm still far from the level I would like to reach.

What has been your most memorable session and why?

I have many beautiful memories, but one of the best moments was one of my last photo shoots. I was recently approached by a couple who came to me with their dream. They wanted some special wedding photos at one of their bucket list locations, which is none other than the bridge at Olpererhütte in Austria. Since the bridge can only be accessed by hiking, we got up at the crack of dawn,me with my full hiking and photography gear, the couple in their bridal outfit and suit. It was originally supposed to be an hour and a half hike, but since we were taking photos along the way, we needed more than 3 hours. Despite the sunny weather, there was still an icy breeze at the bridge which was hard to cope with, but to give credit to her, the bride still managed to hold it together. Not only did I get to take the most extraordinary photos of my life so far, but it was also a great experience because the whole place was a wonder to behold.

What is one piece of advice you would like to offer a new photographer looking to start their own business?

I would say that one should never give up on their dreamsor let anyone discourage them.

Be inspired by great photographers, but do not compare yourself to them. Practice a lot, try always to be better, listen to criticism but consider who is the persongiving it to you.

Whatdo you think of our newmagazine?

This is an extremely good and demanding magazine, it is truly an honour for anyone to be included among such wonderful people. It's great to have the opportunity to showcase different artists from all over the world and to get different perspectives. I will definitely be a regular reader.




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Model: Zsuzsanna Schneider

Model: Zsuzsanna Schneider

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