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Interview: Photographer Fauconnier Yves (France)

Can you tell us a little about you?

I am 62 old, retired from bank business, 2 children : 31 ans 27


How and when did you get into photography?

How ? With a friend during school, loooong time ago ha ha ! I have started when I was around 18y old...

What does photography mean to you?

Keep in mind what I like, catch the beauty of Life


What does photography mean to you?

A hobby, the main thing…


How does your work differ from others?

I'm not looking for comparison in any way, photographers all want the best results for their photos, that's my case too. Then readers will get an idea...


Where do you get your inspiration?

In observation and for my photos with models, very often these are ideas that lead to projects that we discuss together before and even during the session...


Do you prepare your images in advance?

Yes, of course, but sometimes there is improvisation...


Do you work on your photos and describe your post-production work?

Yes, development in Lightroom for the most part. Sometimes a little Photoshop for more precise things.


What is your rental or studio preference?

I use a studio in my photo club (I'm an amateur) and otherwise I also have a studio at home: a house from which I also use other rooms...


What are the places and subjects that interest you the most?

Photo in “urbex” (URBan Exploration): abandoned sites (mansions, houses, factories, etc.) therefore with and without models…


What would you absolutely want to photograph?

An erupting volcano (it’s serious!) for the nature component. With model: urban nude subjects, around monuments, churches (on this last point, I know it can be offensive...), night photos...


What is the most important thing you have learned over the years?

That I learn all the time...


What are your future or short-term plans?

Continue to photograph models in industrial wasteland, urban and natural environments. And in the studio of course!


What do you look for in the models you work with?

Availability, communication and trust (whether in projects AND in my desire to do well)


Do you still have a message for models?

You are welcome in my world.


Model: Alicia and her dog Sue Sue

Model: Laura

Model: Laura

Model: Atypique

Model: Atypique

Model: Atypique

Model: Atypique

Model: Caty

Model:  Clémence

Model: Atypique

Model: Atypique

Model:  Clémence

Model: Aurélie

Model: Charlotte

Model: Atypique

Model: Atypique

Model: Atypique

Model: Atypique

Model: Noémie

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