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Interview: Photographer THE HORUS (Italy)

Can you tell us a little about you? 

I am a passionate photographer, based in Florence, Italy.

Photography is my passion, and I especially love women photography.


How and when did you get into photography?

I took my first camera in my hands when I was a child, and really never stopped to use it.

I am actually a “lover” of photography, I am not a professional photographer. I just shoot for my hobby and personal pleasure.

I begin to explore photography during my travels, and find my way of expression in photographing women. I studied photography in some workshop, and I met several famous photographers as Giovanni Gastel, Douglas Kirkland, Ferdinando Scianna, Jeff Dunas, and others. And I hope to have learnt something from all.


What does photography mean to you? 

Photography is a way of researching and experiencing the world, and through this art, express myself. It’s a neverending trip across and into the world, for discover more of your inner soul.

I approached the photography of women through the portrait, fashion and nude genres. First by taking courses and workshops, then experimenting directly in personal projects and many shootings.


Please briefly describe your photography style for our readers. 

I think it is a mix of elegance, sensuality, and storytelling. I try to research and express beauty, in every declination.


Where do you get inspiration from?

From other photographers, music and literature. From my life experience. From women I have known. And mainly all these inspirations from the “out world” are elaborated inside my mind and heart, and find expression through the lens.


Do you think in advance what you want in the picture? 

I believe that the pictures you create have to communicate and raise emotions and curiosity.

My creative approach is based on this process: i try to think before the shooting about the mood, about the project, and about some final pictures. All this activity before the shooting help to prepare yourself to keep in mind and in the heart the right way. The more you make before, the more you are ready on the set to manage all that happens.

When you are shooting you need to keep a rational approach, but mainly to let your emotion and inspiration flow. So, the more you are ready before, the more you will create intense, original and beautiful pictures on the set.

Photography mixs rational and emotional sides, planned and impredictable, technology and human, implicit and explicit.


Studio, on location or both?  

Both. I have no limits or prejudices. It depends on the projects, opportunities and basically what I like to reach with the pictures and the model.


Would you consider yourself a hobbyist or a paid professional? 

I consider myself a “passionate” photographer; it’s not my work, but it’s my passion. I am not a pro photographer, but I try to be professional as well.


What has been your most memorable session and why? 

Intriguing question, let me say. I could easily answer that the most memorable have still to come, but let’s give even an eye on the past.

I can remember always with great pleasure and satisfaction, one big project that I worked on years ago, that could be considered as a milestone, for my approach to photography, and for everything connected to my feelings and desires in photography.

A project divided in several stories, inspired to some Beatles’s song, that talk about women. I choose some of them, and  imagine a story that I can represent in photography. One shotting for each song, for each woman, for each story. It took me months to finish, and it was a real big big project and the “starting point” for many things happened after.


Nikon or Canon? Favorite lens? 

Nikon equipment. I am currently using a D850 full frame reflex, and I use always prime lenses. My perfect kit is 20mm 35mm 50mm 85mm 135mm. Zoom only if necessary.

I prefer prime lenses because do not distract me, and because every lens has a “soul”. Much more you use them, much more you will know how they “write”. I mainly use 35mm and 50mm.


What is one piece of advice you would like to offer a new photographer looking to start their own business? 

Well, as I said I cannot give advice for a business, but I like to say what I can consider important in approaching photography.

Try to think, and have in mind what you like to communicate with your pictures and work. I consider photography a way of expression. A process of neverending growth. So be passionate, and be open to receive inspirations from the world you live in. If I have to list some suggestions for the beginners, I would point out those:


1) OBSERVE: observe the photographs and works of others, and understand what attracts and pleases you in the work of other photographers and masters.

2) THINK: try to think and understand what you want to communicate with photography

3) DISCARD: be critical about  your work, and learn to be selective in the results obtained

4) PRACTICE: the best recipe is to practice and practice ... only in this way you can improve quickly


What do you think of our new magazine? 

I like it. I feel the passion for beauty, sensuality and women in it. So I am really honoured to be featured here for the first time.


Model: Alice

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