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Model/Dancer Giorgia Montepaone (Italy)

Can you tell us a little about you?

I’m Giorgia Montepaone, I’m 27 and I’m an italian dancer graduated at “Accademia Nazionale di danza” in Rome, where I’m finishing also my studies for the the master degree in dance teaching. I worked in an Opera theatre in Europe and I’m still working in a dance company based in Rome, Astra Roma Ballet di Diana Ferrara. Thanks to dance i also had some small experiences in the world of cinema, wich helped me to enrich my small experience baggage.

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

As you know the dancers find always millions of defects, especially on their bodies; we are perfectionsts and also we’re not happy in anything we do and in how we result to other people. Despite this I never wanted to change much of myself. I’ve learned over the years to find good things from my defects, valuing my qualities. If i could go back in time i would give myself as a child the same security and awareness that i’ve reached during my life

How did you start modelling and dancing?

Unlike those dancers who had a strong passion for dance since childhood, that, most of times, fades away growing up, for me it was all the opposite, slow and gradual during the years. I started studying dance as an hobby, in a dance school in my city, Anzio, a place near Rome; then i earned a scholarship for a good Rome school, so i understand that dance could be my choice for my future and my passion. My job as a model is strictly related to dance and i love it because i love the idea behind a photo: it picks an extact moment, making sure you can watch it whenever you want.

What do you think of the work as a model and as a dancer?

It’s a very difficult job, you have to mix skills, willpower, determination, steadiness and a little bit of luck, to reach an ideal target. You have to work constantly every day to gain a little improve, but you can lost it as fast as possible if you miss the constance, but despite all, this is a job full of satisfacions and emotions, that repay every effort. What is your beauty regimen? I don’t have a beauty regimen; I love semplicity and purity. “Beauty” for me is a genuine and real dancer or artist, that expresses itself trought his sensations and his stories, creating what i mean for beauty and making you to be a part of his world.

What are your qualities which distinguish you from others?

I think it’s the steadiness and the fact that i never give up until i reach the target, as well as the ability to enjoy the small goals reached. Certainly we must not be satisfied, but sometimes it’s good to stop and look back on what we have done and be happy with it, otherwise nothing will ever be enough and it’s hard to be happy.

What are your plans for the future?

I love art in all its forms and i love the ability it has to express and communicates emotions, wich is why i continually try to enrich myself and feed upon art. I would certainly try to continue my career as a dancer and begin to open up the new world of teaching in order to pass this art on the new generations. Also, thanks to some little cinematographic experiences, I recently decided to approach the world of acting discovering a real passion. I’m always ready to welcome new stimuli and open myself to the new paths that life has in store for me.

What are some of your favorite experiences so far?

One of the best things about this job is also the possibility to travel a lot and to be able to relate to different cultures and people, and my best experience is related to this. We were on a tour with the company in Algeria, that is culturally and socially so different and far from us, but deep down with the same desire to escape and to get excited from art. At the end fo the show, i couldn’t believe there were so many people cheering us; the same people that during the days looked at us like if we are hostyle at them, at that moment had the joy of those who have allowed themeselves a moment of lighteartdness in a life of constraints. I returned changed by that experience, but with an even stronger awareness of how art can unite and warm. hearts!

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modelling and dancing?

Do not immediately set yourself a final goal that is barely impossible to be reached ; we must remain humble and slowly joy for the small achievements to be higher and to be satisfied with ourselves and with our path. Believing in yourself, work every day and not give up at small difficulties can make the path really rough but at the end it will be worth it.

What do you think of the magazine?

I find the idea of being able to give models, photographers and artists the opportunity to tell their stories and make themeselves known by the readers of the magazine and beyond.


Photo: 001-002-003-004-005-006-007-008-009-010

Dancer/Model: Giorgia Montepaone

Ph: Monica Irma Ricci

Make up artist: Mauri Menga

Studio Linea B

Photo: 011-012-013-014-015

Dancer/Model: Giorgia Montepaone and Alessandro Scavello

Ph: Monica Irma Ricci

Make up artist: Mauri Menga

Studio Linea B

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