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Photographer: Agnieszka Teska (Poland)

Hi I am Agnieszka and I am a crazy (in a good way!) positive 46 years old from Poland.

I deal with commercial photography (reportage, new born, children's, pregnancy, boudoir, and act photography) as well as artistic photography in which my imagination can go wild.

It has always been my dream to showcase my work for all to see and enjoy. It hasn’t always been an easy ride for me realise my dream as other obstacles had stood in my way.

One beautiful day in May in 2014 I took the decision to close the door of the past and open a new door of hope.

‘Sprezyna’ – which in English the translation literally means Spring. It is pronounced ‘Spren-Gina’.

The name Sprezyna was taken from my school years as it was my nickname due to my very curly hair and it has stayed with me to this day, so it seems logical that I would be called Sprezyna!

Under the psuedem ‘Sprezyna’ for the last 9 years I have been transferring my feelings and emotions in to my pictures.

Sometimes I might meet a person, or see an object, or be in a place and that particular image/vision comes out from my soul and forms in to a picture.


In my lens I see this moment, this movement. There need be no words, no sound, I want to shout out these captured images and freeze them for all to see.

I want to show that even sadness can be beautiful.

I am ambitious and I have so many ideas that I would love to share to the world.


Model: Ania Lisia

Model: Amelia Czaja

Model: Kornel Machaj

Model: Wiktoria Koterwa

Model: Gabriela Kosiorek

Model: Zuzanna Jezierska

Model: Julia Lis

Model: Kornelia Grabarkiewicz

Model: Martyna Chojnacka

Model: Beata Berenika

Model: Gabriela Kosiorek & Paulina Snoch

Model: Sandra Plajzer

Model: Sandra Plajzer

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