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Photographer Luca Boschi (Italy)

Born in 1987 software developer by profession, Amateur photographer by passion.

Passion that I began to cultivate as a child. At the age of 8 I made my first photographic experiments, with my father's analogue Olympus, photographing landscapes, people, in short, anything that gave me an emotion.

Growing up, I developed my creative and critical spirit more and more thanks to the influence of my family members who accompanied me on this journey, each time giving me new stimuli to improve myself.

Much of who I am today, photographically speaking, I owe to 3 specific people.

Paolo Dell'Elce A very capable photographer for whom I have infinite esteem and respect. His works have always stimulated me to give meaning to each of my shots and to try to understand what emotions and meanings are behind the photographs of others.

Micaela Angelillo Very talented photomodel with whom I had the pleasure of sharing a few years of life together. You opened a door to photography for me, allowing me to meet many amateur photographers who have further enriched my technical background. In that period, in fact, I bought my first reflex, a Nikon D3200.

The person I thank most of all and I am very happy to have met is my Godfather of Photography, thanks to him now my passion for photography has been enriched with real technical skills.

Mariano Fasciani one of the kindest and most humble people I know. He really took a giant leap forward in my photographic knowledge and my creativity.

Since 2013 we have been great friends, practically inseparable, following his advice and teachings I moved on to the world of Full-Frame SLRs initially with a Nikon D750 and then after a few years I switched to my current camera the mirrorless Canon EOS-R.

Thanks to Mariano I had the pleasure of personally meeting many greats in the world of photography such as Alex Comaschi, Johnny Fusca, Claudio Salviano and Valerio Pagliari. And many talented photographers such as Alessandro Rossi, Stefano Massini, Stefano Teseo.

We can say that my journey has just begun, and it's really true that you never stop learning.

Just as it is always true that "Everyone knows how to shoot, but few can photograph!" (cited by Alex Comaschi)

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