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Yes, Yes Modellenland Magazine exists 8 years

Yes, Yes Modellenland Magazine exists 8 years. 🥳

This month I'm going into year 9 😄

Modelland started as a joke, I myself was often in magazines, and thought I'm going to make Magazine for 1 time.

But then I got questions about being in it, so I made another one. Now 8 years later we are at the 450 editions, readers and contributors from 160 countries. 🌍 Already more than 25 million unique visitors on issuu and Yumpu.

I do this as a hobby to give models, photographers and everyone from the fashion the chance to introduce themselves and show their work worldwide for free.

Its my hobby and i love it a lot without making any profit of it.

And this year we are adding two new magazines Glitter Mom Magazine and Glitter People Magazine


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