20 Jan 2020

Photographer: Gabriel Solis

Model: Katherin Bettoni

10 Jan 2020

Photographer:   Davide Druso

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davide_druso/?hl=it

Model   :    Diana Grigoras


9 Jan 2020

Photographer: Jane Garbo

Model: Daria Savik

31 Dec 2019

Model Aurora Leli
Marco Squassina Photography

29 Dec 2019

The adequacy with our mother nature and today more than a priority, it must be an inspiration of every day, it is everywhere around us, we l...

28 Dec 2019

Model: Martyna Kupinska
Fot. Wiktoria Malyszka Fotografia
Mua. Agnieszka Musial

27 Dec 2019

Lightness subtlety sweetness. Overlay cuts in length and material mix for confident looks. Soft and contrasting color, metallic and powdery...

23 Dec 2019

Editorial for the brand ElleVu by Kaya Augustsson spring collection 2019.

9 Dec 2019

View the editorial issue HERE


04 Cover Boy: Pedro Simâo

08 Balint Nemes, By Vera Isper

19 You can leave, By Gemma R

24 The Photo, By Ste...

29 Nov 2019

Photo&retoush: Adrianna Soltys
MUA: Natalia Gicala
Model: Masha Pasichnyk

11 Nov 2019



30 Oct 2019

From Bahia to Iguazù dive into a tropical paradise with the woman by Laurent Voisinet and become an amazon without borders ... The hairstyl...

27 Oct 2019

Model: Tetiana Khrapach
Photo: Ulia Batiuk
Style: Yaryna Rozhenova
MUA: Katherine Tokareva


14 Oct 2019

Ph.: Marco Squassina

Model.: Ilaria Scibilia


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